Captain Event Space

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Captain Event Space
Captain Event Space
Purpose Triggers a Captain Event.
First appearance Mario Party 9 (2012)

The Captain Event Space is a space appearing in Mario Party 9. When landed on, a board-specific Captain Event is initiated. These spaces are mandatory spaces, meaning that the Captain always stops on these spaces regardless of how many spaces they have left to move, and leftover moves are ignored. Toad Road, Bob-omb Factory, and Boo's Horror Castle have one Captain Event Space, Magma Mine (technically) and Blooper Beach have multiple Captain Event Spaces with one Captain Event, and Bowser Station has multiple Captain Event Space with different events. During each event, players have the opportunity to collect Mini Stars, with the captain at the time the space is landed on having some form of control.

The Special Event Space in Mario Party: Island Tour and Mario Party 10 looks and behaves identically to the Captain Event Space.

Captain Events[edit]

Board Captain Event Description
Toad Road 9 Island Players roll Dice Blocks and move across the island toward the center in an attempt to reach the ten Mini Stars there. There are also two groups of three Mini Stars on the island before the ten in the center. Scattered across the board are several Dash Spaces. The current captain selects who rolls each turn, and each player only has one roll before the event ends.
Bob-omb Factory Side-by-Side Zone Players use side by side vehicles to cross this portion of the board. The captain selects who rides in what section of the vehicle. The players then roll dice to determine how far the entire group moves. Scattered along the paths are several Mini Stars. The Event Spaces along the path cause the Mini Stars to move one path to the left. The event ends when players reach the end. A player can earn as much as 18 Mini Stars in this event.
Boo's Horror Castle Scaredy Rat Race A Scaredy Rat steals two, three, or four Mini Stars from each player, based on the number of players. The players then must roll Dice Blocks to catch up to the rat and reclaim the Mini Stars. The captain selects who rolls each turn. Before a player takes a turn, the Scaredy Rat rolls a 1-2-3 Dice Block. Scattered along the path are Dash Spaces. The event ends when either the rat escapes or a player catches up to it. The player that manages to catch the Scaredy Rat claims all the Mini Stars.
Blooper Beach Sunken Treasure Players must use Dice Blocks to take ten Mini Stars back to the surface. The Dice Blocks available are a normal Dice Block, a 4-5-6 Dice Block, and a 1-2-3 Dice Block; the captain chooses which Dice Block the players use each roll. Scattered along the paths up are Unlucky Spaces, which cause Fishbones to steal five Mini Stars from the player who lands on it. The event ends once all Dice Blocks have been used. The same Captain Event is repeated later in the stage, by which players have to take 15 Mini Stars back to the surface.
Magma Mine Dice Block Chicken Players attempt to earn the Mini Stars along the path by rolling Dice Blocks but without going over the edge on the end of the path. If this occurs, they lose all their Mini Stars procured during the event. The captain may also choose to stop the event before the players roll. The event ends when either this occurs, the captain falls off the ledge, or they have collected all the Mini Stars along their path. The event can also end if the Captain gives up, thinking they will lose the Captain Event.
Bowser Station Heart Star Colony The three players first roll a dice block with either a red, green, or blue heart on it. The captain then rolls a Dice Block with the same possibilities on it three times. If any player's roll matches the captain's, both the captain and that player earn two Mini Stars. The amount of Mini Stars also raises if multiple player's rolls match the captain's. If there are less than 4 players, Mechakoopas will take the empty spots.

Sometimes, at the end, Bowser Jr. will appear, and after all players roll their Dice Blocks again, he rolls his Dice Block, and if Bowser Jr. matches any player's, those players earn two Mini Ztars.

Bingo Colony Players roll a 1-10 Dice Block to light up the spaces on the board. The space lit up depends on the player's roll. The player who rolls each time is selected by the captain. Once three spaces in any direction are lit up, the player obtains a bingo, and earns Mini Stars equal to the number of spaces in the bingo(s) times three. If the player rolls a 10 or already lit up number on the Dice Block, their turn will be skipped and the next player will roll the 1-10 Dice Block via. The Captain chooses the order.

Sometimes, just after one space in one row left to be lit up, Bowser will appear and turn Bingo Colony into Dark Bingo Colony, which means if someone gets the bingo, they lose Mini Stars instead.

Speed Star Colony Players travel along paths to attempt to earn the ten Mini Stars at the end. The paths the players take are assigned by the captain, and vary in length. Scattered along all but the shortest path are Dash Spaces and small groups of Mini Stars. The event ends once a player obtains the Mini Stars at the end of the path. If more than 1 player obtains the Mini Stars at the end of the paths at the same time, the players will all get 10 Mini Stars.

Sometimes Bowser appears and replaces a random player's Dice Block with a 1-2-3 Dice Block or a 0-1 Dice Block.

DK's Jungle Ruins Barrel Choice Varying amounts of Bananas are placed inside four barrels, which are then shuffled. The captain then assigns the barrels to each player. Diddy Kong distracts then later, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong distract and Z-Bananas are put inside one barrel. The player who gets the most is congratulated.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Chinese 隊長事件格
Duìzhǎng Shìjiàn Gé
Captain Event Space
French (NOA) Case mission du capitaine Captain's Mission Space
French (NOE) Case mission Mission Space
Italian Spazio capogruppo Captain space
Spanish Casilla de capitán -