Magma Space

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Magma Space
MP9 Plus 2 Magma Space.png
Purpose Raises the lava in Magma Mine.
First appearance Mario Party 9 (2012)
“If you land on a Magma Space, the magma will rise the number of spaces indicated.”
Toad, Mario Party 9

A Magma Space is a board-specific space only appearing in Magma Mine – a board in the game Mario Party 9. Whenever a Captain lands on this space, the amount of spaces the lava will rise by will increase from the normal two to either three, four, or six, depending on the number shown on the space which the Captain lands on. Within the game's coding is a +5 Magma Space, which means that this space was originally in the game. The possible numbers it can show are two, three, and four, with the space showing a two being the most common, the space showing a three somewhat less common, and the space showing a four being the rarest of the three variants of this space.

The Magma Space is only present in the second part of the Magma Mine board, meaning that none are present before facing the mid-boss, nor are there any after the players meet with Green Toad.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Chinese 岩漿格
Yánjiāng Gé
Magma Space

French Case magma
Magma Space
Italian Spazio magma
Magma space