Special Dice Block Space

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Not to be confused with Blue Space or Dice Space.
Special Dice Block Space
Special Dice Block Space from Mario Party 10
Purpose Gives the Captain a special Dice Block. May contain Mini Stars or trigger a free-for-all minigame.
First appearance Mario Party 9 (2012)
Latest appearance Mario Party 10 (2015)

The Special Dice Block Space (Dice Block Space in Mario Party 9) is a space that is found in Mario Party 9 and Mario Party 10. The space has the appearance of a Blue Space. It gives the Captain 0-1 Dice Block, a 1-2-3 Dice Block, a 4-5-6 Dice Block, a 1-10 Dice Block, or a Slow Dice Block. It may also contain Mini Stars that the Captain will obtain, or it might trigger a Free-for-All minigame as if the player landed on a Free-for-All Space.

The Special Dice Block Space returns in Mario Party 10 with the same effect as in Mario Party 9 although now it activates a roulette and the player gets the corresponding Dice Block instead of being totally random. It appears in all three board-based modes of the game, though it has a different appearance in the amiibo Party mode.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese サイコロマス
Saikoro Masu
Dice Space
Chinese 骰子格
Tóuzi Gé
Dice Space
French Case Dé Dice Space
Italian Spazio Dado Dice Space
Spanish Casilla de dado Dice block space