Mushroom Park

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Mushroom Park
Board from Mario Party 10
Appears in Mario Party 10
Availability Default
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Mushroom Park is one of the five boards in Mario Party 10. It is set outside Peach's Castle, in the surrounding grassy plains and a theme park. The mid-boss fort is occupied by Mega Goomba, while the castle at the end leads to a fight with Petey Piranha. The theme park segment of the board features various rides and attractions which the characters can ride on and have the opportunity to gain more Mini Stars.

The board slightly changes in Bowser Party mode alongside the usual modifications, as the usually closed off path behind the carousel will open up and the normal route will be blocked off, cutting off access to the Wiggler Coaster and the Bowser Viking, as well as the loop past the Boo buildings at the end being cut off, creating a shorter route to the finish. Additionally, the Mini Stars on the Blooper carousel will be replaced with Hearts.


Mario, Peach, Yoshi and Toad approaching Bowser Jr. at the mini boss fort.

Mushroom Park begins outside Princess Peach's Castle, and then travels along a straight section of road towards a left turn. after the turn, the path splits into two, an upper route over some blocks with Mini Stars on the right, and a lower route of equal length with Mini Ztars on the left. The paths then meet up again and approach the mini boss tower. After the boss fight is completed, the path continues over two bouncy mushrooms and enters the park past a Toad House on the right, followed by a left turn past the Bullet Bill ride. The path then continues around the 8-bit carousel past the Wiggler Coaster and the Bowser Viking, around on the Blooper Carousel, before approaching the home straight. There is then a left turn up towards the Boo buildings, before the path continues to follow around to the final boss battle castle.

In Bowser Party mode, after the mini boss fort and the Toad House, the path continues straight to the right of the carousel instead of around to the left, which prevents the characters from reaching the Wiggler Coaster and Bowser Viking. After the home straight the route is also shortened slightly too, continuing straight instead of taking the left turn before heading up the stack of Empty Blocks to shorten the route to the finish.


The Wiggler Coaster in the Mushroom Park.
Donkey Kong, Wario, Yoshi and Waluigi riding on the Wiggler Coaster
The Bowser Viking ride in Mushroom Park
Donkey Kong jumping to collect some Mini Stars on the Bowser Viking

This board uniquely features short bonus events which consist of the characters getting on a ride and jumping at certain times with the A Button button to collect bonus Mini Stars. The character who is captain when they land on the Lucky Space for the ride will be sat in the most advantageous position, with the others positioned according to the following turn order. The following Lucky Space event rides appear on the board:

  • Bowser Viking- All of the players ride in a swinging ship designed like Bowser's Airship, with Mini Stars that swing forwards and backwards in the opposite direction to the ride. The captain is sat at the front with the other players ordered behind them.
  • Bullet Bill Ride- Each player rides in a rotating Bullet Bill shaped car, with rotating Mini Stars above the ride that the players can jump for. The leading character is sat at the top, with the other characters positioned going down the ride. A Bill Blaster appears on top of the ride.
  • Wiggler Coaster- Each player sits in an individual segment car in a Wiggler shaped rollercoaster, which follows along the track with Mini Stars overhead in various places. The captain sits in the first car, with the other players sat behind respectively. Shy Guys can be seen on this ride in the background of the boss minigame Petey's Bomb Battle.

As well as the rides on the Lucky Spaces, other rides appear around the board which reference other elements of the Super Mario franchise, including:

  • A carousel themed around Super Mario Bros., featuring 8-bit sprites of Goombas and Koopa Troopas as horses and other 8-bit elements on the central pillar.
  • The Blooper-Go-Round, which the vehicle will briefly ride on. It features four saucers, one carrying ten Mini Stars, one with five, one with three and one with none. If the player lands on one of the saucers with stars, the player will receive them. In Bowser Party mode, the stars are replaced with one heart for each player on one saucer and two hearts for each player on another saucer. There are also two saucers which do not contain any hearts.
  • A ferris wheel with a Super Star in the center and rainbow-colored Warp Box-shaped cars around the outside, despite the fact that they usually only appear in orange. This ride can also be seen in the Petey's Bomb Battle minigame.
  • Two Boo-shaped buildings.


Green Spaces 17
Special Dice Block Spaces 11
Dash Spaces 0
Back Spaces 3
Change Spaces 2
Steal Spaces 1
Lucky Spaces 6
Unlucky Spaces 3
Bowser Jr. Spaces 8 (0 if Bowser is released)
Bowser Spaces 0 (8 if Bowser is released)
Minigame Spaces 7
Boss Battle Spaces 2
Total 60

Bowser Party[edit]

Green Spaces 18
Special Dice Block Spaces 18
Advance Spaces 2
Back Spaces 6
Heart Spaces 4
Lucky Spaces 3
-1 Bowser Block Space 0
+1 Bowser Block Space 3
Bowser Jr Space 7
Total 61


Names in other languages[edit]

Mushroom Park[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ワクワクパーク
Wakuwaku Pāku
Exciting Park

Dutch Paddenstoelenpark
Mushroom Park
French (NOA) Champiparc
Pun on Champignon (Mushroom) and parc (park)
French (NOE) Parc des champis
Mushroom Park
German Pilzpark
Mushroom Park
Italian Parco dei funghi
Mushroom Park
Portuguese Parque dos Cogumelos
Mushroom Park
Russian Грибной парк
Gribnoy park
Mushroom Park

Spanish Parque Champiñón
Mushroom Park

Traditional Train[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese トレイン

Toy Train[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese つみきトレイン
Tsumiki Torein
Building Block Train

Petey Piranha Train[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ボスパックントレイン
Bosu Pakkun Torein
Petey Piranha Train