Mushroom Park

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Mushroom Park
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Appeared in Mario Party 10
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Mushroom Park is one of the five boards in Mario Party 10. It is set outside Peach's Castle, surrounding a grassy plains and a park. The mid-boss fort is home to a Mega Goomba, while the castle at the end leads to a fight with Petey Piranha. Key features of the board include a Bullet Bill ride, a Wiggler-themed rollercoaster, a Blooper-themed carousel, and a swinging Airship ride, all of which are used to increase the player's Mini Stars. It is arguably the most simple board in the game.

Bullet Bill Ride[edit]

Each player rides on a Bullet Bill. Mini Stars fall from above the screen and pass through points along the rotation of the Bullet Bills.

Wiggler Coaster[edit]

Donkey Kong, Wario, Yoshi and Waluigi, at the board of the Wiggler Coaster

Players ride on a roller-coaster that is designed to look like a Wiggler. The Wiggler coaster will run under Mini Stars, so each player has to jump by pressing A Button to collect them. The player that landed on the space is put in the front, making it easier for them. The player whose turn is next will be second, and vice versa.

Swinging Ship[edit]

Players are put on a Bowser-themed ship that is swung from side to side like a pendulum. As the ship swings, players must jump by pressing A Button to collect Mini Stars that hover above them. This ride is very similar to the Wiggler Coaster.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ワクワクパーク
Wakuwaku Pāku
Fun Park
Spanish Parque Champiñón Mushroom Park
French (NOA) Champiparc Pun on Champignon (Mushroom) and parc (park)
French (NOE) Parc des champis Mushroom Park
Dutch Paddenstoelenpark Mushroom Park
German Pilzpark Mushroom Park
Italian Parco dei funghi Literal translation
Portuguese Parque dos Cogumelos Literal translation
Russian Грибной парк
Gribnoy park
Mushroom Park