Bowser Jr. Space

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Bowser Jr. Space
Bowser Jr. Space from Mario Party 10
Purpose Forces the player to play a Bowser Jr. minigame. (MP9)
Causes a randomly selected event to occur. (MP10)
First appearance Mario Party 9 (2012)
Latest appearance Mario Party 10 (2015)

Bowser Jr. Spaces are a variant of minigame spaces in Mario Party 9. When landed on (for a human captain), Bowser Jr. appears and challenges the captain, as well as a randomly chosen second player, to a Bowser Jr. minigame. The second player can be either a CPU player or a second human player. However, if a CPU captain lands on this space, Bowser Jr. will always force a human player to play his minigame with the CPU captain. Bowser Jr. randomly picks one minigame out of all of them and asks the captain if they are "sure" that's the minigame they want to play. If the captain (also a CPU captain) says "No", Jr. simply picks another minigame. When this happens, the second minigame Bowser Jr. chose is what the players must play. If the team wins, they get five Mini Stars each; while if Bowser Jr. wins, he steals five Mini Stars each from both players. If only two players are playing, however, this space does not appear. Likewise, there are no Bowser Jr. Spaces in the DK's Jungle Ruins board.

Bowser Jr. Spaces return in Mario Party 10. It now appears and functions similarly to the Bowser Space in previous Mario Party games. If the player lands on this space, Bowser Jr. does something bad to the player, but the effects are lighter than on a Bowser Space. In Mario Party mode (except Chaos Castle), if the homestretch of the board is reached and Bowser has not been released by then, Bowser Jr. tosses down Bob-ombs and creates more Bowser Jr. spaces. However, if Bowser is released before then, he replaces any Bowser Jr. Spaces already present with Bowser Spaces and Bowser Jr. does not appear during the "Homestretch!" event.

Bowser Jr. Spaces are also a variant of Event Spaces in the amiibo Party mode of Mario Party 10. They force the player to play a random Bowser Jr. Challenge. If Bowser Jr. wins, the player loses coins; if Bowser Jr. loses, the player earns coins. If the player is Bowser, Bowser Jr. gives him coins without playing a minigame.

Events from Mario Party 10[edit]

Bowser Jr. Space Events

Events in red only appear in Mario Party mode and events in blue only appear in Bowser Party mode.

  • Lose Special Dice Blocks
    • In Mario Party Mode, only the captain loses their Special Dice Blocks. In Bowser Party Mode, the team loses every Special Dice Block.
  • Battle for 10 Mini Stars
    • Bowser Jr. triggers a Battle Minigame with all players betting 10 Mini Stars.
      • Bowser Jr. provides the rest of the Mini Stars if someone does not have enough.
      • If a tie occurs, a Dice Block decides.
      • The payout goes as follows:
Position 2 Players 3 Players 4 Players
1st 20 Mini Stars 20 Mini Stars 26 Mini Stars
2nd 0 Mini Stars 10 Mini Stars 10 Mini Stars
3rd - 0 Mini Stars 4 Mini Stars
4th - - 0 Mini Stars
  • Give 5 Mini Stars to the player in last place
    • The same scenario from Mario Party 9.
  • Lose half of your Mini Stars
    • Similar scenario to Mario Party 9, but Bowser Jr does not spare the captain if they are in last place.
    • In a rare case, if the player has no Mini Stars at all, Bowser Jr. gives the player 5 Mini Stars.
  • Bowser Jr. Revolution
    • Bowser Jr. collects everyone's hearts and divides them equally among the remaining players and takes any leftovers.
  • Reduced to 1 heart
    • Bowser Jr. reduces the Captain's hearts to one.
  • Everyone's hearts reduced by half
    • Bowser Jr. reduces everyone's hearts by half. If a player has an odd number of hearts, the lower portion is taken, so it has no effect on a player that has one heart remaining.
  • Back 5 spaces
    • Bowser Jr. sends the vehicle back 5 spaces. If Bowser is 5 or less spaces behind the vehicle before the event, a Bowser Minigame is played immediately. This event does not appear in Chaos Castle.
  • Bowser Dice Block +1
    • Bowser Jr. gives Bowser an extra Bowser Dice Block for him to roll. This event does not appear in the third section of Chaos Castle.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クッパJr.マス
Kuppa Junia Masu
Koopa Jr. Space
Chinese (Simplified) 酷霸王Jr.小遊戏格
Kù bàwáng Jr. Xiǎoyóuxì gé
Bowser Jr. Minigame Space
Chinese (Traditional) 庫巴Jr.小遊戲格
Kùbā Jr. Xiǎoyóuxì Gé
Bowser Jr. Minigame Space
French Case Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr. Space
German Bowser Jr.-Feld Bowser Jr. Space
Italian Spazio Bowser Junior Bowser Jr. space
Spanish (NOA) Casilla Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr. Space
Spanish (NOE) Casilla Bowsy Bowser Jr. Space