Risky Route

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Risky Route
MP10 SpaceRiskyRoute.png
Purpose Forces Team Mario to blindly determine which path to take
First appearance Mario Party 10 (2015)

Risky Routes are spaces that first appear in Mario Party 10, only on the board Whimsical Waters in Bowser Party mode. It is a fork icon with a Bowser emblem on top of it pointing to paths obscured by Blooper ink. If Team Mario passes one, they will be forced to blindly determine which split path to take: one mainly consisting of helpful spaces, and the other mainly consisting of harmful spaces. If a human player is playing as Bowser, they have the option to draw graffiti on the screen in an attempt to trick Team Mario into taking the path with harmful spaces. Only two of these spaces appear on the entire board, both of which are respectively present not long before and not long after the first Gate Space.

In Mario Party mode, Risky Routes are replaced by Cheep Cheep Branches.