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This article is about the amiibo-based board in Mario Party 10. For Luigi's board in the original Mario Party, see Luigi's Engine Room.
Luigi Board
MP10 Luigi Board art.jpg
Appears in Mario Party 10
Availability Luigi amiibo required

The Luigi Board is an amiibo Party-exclusive board that appears in Mario Party 10. It can be played when the Luigi amiibo figure is scanned on the GamePad. The board is heavily based on Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, and as such it features many elements from that game. Greenies, Boos, Gloomy Manor, King Boo, and a giant replica of the Poltergust 5000 all appear on the board. The board's main feature is the Polergust 5000 replica, which can be used to steal coins or even a star (costs coins) from other players (similarly to the Vacuum Orb in Mario Party 7). Luigi-based containers holding coins also appear as board features. At the start of every round, coins will fall inside all three of them. If someone lands on the space next to the container holding coins, that player gets all the coins stored in the container, like the Bank Space in Mario Party 2 and Mario Party 3. The music for this board is a cover of the Luigi's Mansion music.

Board Exclusive Events[edit]


When passing through by area in the top-left corner, the player gets a chance to steal some coins or a Star from their opponents.

  • Coins: The player steals some coins from every opponent for free.
  • Star: The player has to pay 10, 20, 30 or 40 coins to steal a Star from one of their opponents. If something gets stuck in the Poltergust, the player will fail to steal a Star and no coins will be returned. The more coins they paid, the less chance that the stealing process will be ruined.

Coin Pot[edit]

At the start of every round, some coins will fall inside each container in the board's corners. The player gains all the coins in the container if they lands on the Event Space next to it.