Bowser's Peculiar Peak

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Bowser's Peculiar Peak
The title card for the Bowser's Peculiar Peak board in Mario Party: Island Tour.
Appears in Mario Party: Island Tour
Skill 2
Luck 3
Minigames 4
Time 20-40 minutes

Bowser's Peculiar Peak (known as Bowser's Bizarre Volcano in the British English version) is one of the seven boards in Mario Party: Island Tour, unlocked by playing every other board, excluding Shy Guy's Shuffle City, at least once. The objective of this board is the exact opposite of the objectives of all other boards in the game except Star-Crossed Skyway; it is a race against Bowser, who hosts this board instead of Yellow Toad. This board introduces Bowser Dice Blocks which can hinder the player; if the player rolls doubles, they remain where they are.

The game starts out with everyone playing a minigame to decide who goes first. Once done, each player receives an extra Bowser Dice Block, with the lower-place players receiving the Bowser Dice Blocks with the higher numbers. The order during each turn also changes and is determined by the players' performance in the last minigame, with the 4th-place player going first, 3rd-place going second, etc. Once a player is 16 spaces or less from Bowser, at the start of the next round, Bowser adds seven Bowser Spaces scattered across the board to make the game much more difficult. The player closest to Bowser also has the chance to pick the minigames. When a player reaches Bowser, the player has to roll a three or lower to prevent being knocked away. Players can still roll doubles if they reach Bowser. The player still on the board and farthest away from Bowser wins.

When the winner is presented, Lakitu is shown holding the player that got knocked away.

The music used during this board is an arrangement of "Koopa's Road" from Super Mario 64.


  • American English: First place is the worst place in this reverse race. Bowser is waiting for the "winner"!
  • British English: Whoever reaches the goal loses?! It's dangerous to move forward in Bowser's diabolical volcano!

Bowser Dice Blocks[edit]

One of the main gimmicks of the stage is that Bowser Dice Blocks are handed to players based on their performance in minigames. These blocks are added to the regular Dice Block rolled on each player's turn, increasing the amount of spaces they can potentially move on a turn (and thus, shortening the time it takes to reach Bowser). However, rolling doubles will prevent them from moving.

Minigame results[edit]

Minigame Results
First N/A
Second A 1-2 Bowser Dice Block in Mario Party: Island Tour 1 to 2 Bowser Dice Block
Third A 1-3 Bowser Dice Block in Mario Party: Island Tour 1 to 3 Bowser Dice Block
Fourth A 1-6 Bowser Dice Block in Mario Party: Island Tour 1 to 6 Bowser Dice Block

NOTE: The player who got first place cannot roll doubles, but still has the lowest average movement and can move a maximum of six spaces on the turn.

When there are fewer players, the distribution is different:

  • When there are three players, first place gets a bronze Bowser Dice Block, second place gets a silver one and third place gets a gold one.
  • When there are two players, first place gets a bronze Bowser Dice Block and second place gets a gold one.

Bowser Blockade[edit]

If the player gets to the first Special Event Space, then the player stops moving and Bowser shows up. A bomb and two detonators will show up in front of the player. One of them will make the bomb explode and the other one won't. The player who picks the detonator that doesn't blow up the bomb is safe and their turn ends. If a player picks the detonator that makes the bomb explode, the rest of the board is open and that player keeps moving the amount of spaces left on their roll.

Bowser Challenge[edit]

Wario about to roll a 6 in the Bowser Challenge in Bowser's Peculiar Peak.
Wario takes on the Bowser Challenge.

If the player reaches the goal first, that person participates in the Bowser Challenge. If the player rolls a one, two, or three, they are safe for another turn, but if the player rolls a four or more, then Bowser flings the player far away, which ends the game and that person will receive last place. Players can also stay safe if they roll doubles as well.


Green Spaces Extra-Move Spaces Lucky Spaces Dead-End Space Event Spaces Challenge Area Total
Bowser's Peculiar Peak 22 6 3 1 2 1 35



Audio.svg Bowser's Peculiar Peak
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Audio.svg Bowser Challenge
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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アベコベ! クッパかざん
Abekobe! Kuppa Kazan
Opposite! Bowser Volcano
Dutch Bowsers Bizarre Vulkaan Bowser's Bizarre Volcano
French Volcan de Bowser Bowser's Volcano
German Bowsers verrückter Feuerberg Bowser's crazy fire mountain
Italian Vulcano di Bowser Bowser's Volcano
Portuguese Vulcão do Bowser Bowser's Volcano
Spanish Volcán de Bowser Bowser's Volcano


  • When a player is in second place, they do their third-place animation instead of their second-place animation.