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The Kamek Space can make random fates occur.

Kamek Space appears in Mario Party: Island Tour on Kamek's Carpet Ride. When a player lands on it Kamek appears and does some magic to switch everyone's places, decided by the roulette. The fate is decided randomly. The fate that is selected can cause players to be Almost There, while other fates can cause players to lose their Almost There status. Some fates do not have any effect.

List of fates and events[edit]

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Fate Event
Everyone goes back (number) spaces! Kamek forces everyone to go back a specific number of spaces.
Everyone advances (number) spaces! Kamek uses his magic to move everyone forward a specific number of spaces.
Kamek tells a joke! ???
Everyone warps to a player's space! Kamek forces everyone to go to the same spot as one randomly selected player, determined by another roulette.
Everyone warps to first place! Kamek forces every player not in 1st place to go to the player in 1st place.
Kamek shakes your hand! ???
Kamek gives you his glasses! ???
Receive Kamek's broom! ???