Banzai Bill's Mad Mountain

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Banzai Bill's Mad Mountain
Intro for Banzai Bill's Mad Mountain from Mario Party: Island Tour.
Appears in Mario Party: Island Tour
Skill 1
Luck 5
Minigames 4
Time 15-30 minutes

Banzai Bill's Mad Mountain is one of the seven boards in Mario Party: Island Tour. The objective of this board is to race to the top of the mountain. The Dice Blocks have only five numbers on them, with the 6 being replaced with a Banzai Bill icon and a red face. Banzai Bill will launch when a Banzai Bill icon is rolled, knocking off players that are in its way. Safe Spaces can be used to hide from Banzai Bill. Only one player can hide on each Safe Space. Every third turn, players play a random minigame to earn a move bonus. Once a player makes it to the halfway point, Banzai Bill launches along the upper path instead. If Banzai Bill is launched, all players in his path fall back to the start or the halfway point, depending on whether they are on the upper or lower path. The very last space is a Banzai Bill Space, which has the same effect as rolling a Banzai Bill icon on a Dice Block. The first player to the finish wins the game.


  • American English version: Should you go for the glory or hide out? Banzai Bill will test your luck and courage!
  • British English version: Climb the mountain but make sure not to get caught by Banzai Bill! This game is a test of courage!

Minigame Results[edit]

Minigame Results
First +5 spaces
Second +3 spaces
Third +1 space
Fourth N/A


Danger Spaces Safe Spaces Switch Space Banzai Bill Space Total
Banzai Bill's Mad Mountain 12 9 1 1 23



Audio.svg Banzai Bill's Mad Mountain
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Audio.svg Banzai Bill Launches
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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キラーマウンテンサバイバル
Kirā Maunten Sabaibaru
Bullet Bill Mountain Survival
Dutch Banzai Bill-berg Banzai Bill mountain
French Montagne de Bill Bourrin Banzai Bill's Mountain
German Reisen-Kugelwillis Revier Banzai Bill's Territory
Italian Montagna di Banzai Bill Banzai Bill's Mountain
Portuguese Montanha do Bill-Banzai Banzai Bill's Mountain
Spanish (NOA) Extraña montaña de Bill banzai Banzai Bill's Strange Mountain
Spanish (NOE) Montaña de Bill Banzai Banzai Bill's Mountain


  • Banzai Bill's Mad Mountain's gameplay is similar to a game of Chicken.
  • A Scaredy Rat can be seen walking around a grassy area.