Bob-omb Factory

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Bob-omb Factory
Bob-omb Factory
Appears in Mario Party 9
Availability Default
Music sample
“You mean our supersecret factory where we make most of our evil stuff? That's Bob-omb Factory!”
Bowser, Mario Party 9

Bob-omb Factory is a board in Mario Party 9, and the second one played in solo mode. It is an industrial location where conveyor belts are the main gimmick. Throughout the board, Bob-ombs can be seen being assembled and transported in the surroundings. The players ride in the Factory Walker, the starting vehicle in this board; the Gear Shifter and the King Bob-omb Bus can be purchased at the Museum for 200 Party Points each. The mid-boss fought here through the boss fort is Whomp and the boss fought at the end of the factory is King Bob-omb.


The players start out in a room consisting of a zigzagging pathway intersected by an oval conveyor belt. Five of the ten spaces that correspond to each intersection are Event Spaces which, when triggered, move the conveyor belt (and consequently the space itself and the players as well) around, possibly leading to Mini Stars along the way. At the end of the path there are stairs which lead to the fortress, where a mid-boss (Whomp Stomp in solo mode) is fought. After the minigame, the players head through a dark corridor to the next section.

The second part of the board.

The next room is a long and straight stretch going left to right. An initial row of four spaces is followed by a conveyor belt, which changes directions with each Dice Block hit. The direction it moves as the car goes past the fourth space determines which of the two following routes the players will take: the blue path is the luckier one, containing Lucky Spaces and Mini Stars; conversely, the orange path contains Mini Ztars and an Unlucky Space. There are Event Spaces on either side that move the car to the other path. This room also introduces signs that, when passed by, cause a Bob-omb to fall onto the vehicle. The Bob-omb explodes after their machine has passed 10 spaces, making the captain lose half of their Mini Stars. The paths merge again as the room ends at the Captain Event Space to the Side-by-Side Zone.

After the Captain Event, the players meet green Toad, triggering the "Almost there!" event that replaces six spaces ahead with Bowser Spaces. This final room is a simple zigzagging line where one last Bob-omb sign is located. At the end of the factory there is the Bowser Gate and the boss minigame (Bombard King Bob-omb in solo mode).

Side-by-Side Zone[edit]

Side-by-Side Zone.

In this Captain Event, the players leave their team vehicle and board carts that travel down a short path. The captain who landed on the Captain Event Space selects which path each player takes. Regardless of who rolled the dice, all players move simultaneously. Between the second and third spaces of the paths lie two sets of three Mini Stars which begin the event on the two leftmost paths, between the fifth and sixth spaces lie sets of five Mini Stars which begin in the two center paths, and after the final space lie sets of 10 Mini Stars which begin on the right. The second, third, fifth, sixth, and final spaces are Event Spaces, and landing on these causes all Mini Stars to shift one path to the left. CPU players will always put the player on the rightmost side if they are the captain.

Solo mode bosses[edit]


Type Number
Green Space
Green Spaces
Dice Space
Special Dice Block Spaces
Happening Space
Event Spaces
Forward Space
Dash Spaces
Back Space
Back Spaces
Shuffle Space
Shuffle Spaces
Spin Space
Spin Spaces
Lucky Space
Lucky Spaces
Unlucky Space
Unlucky Spaces
Bowser Space
Bowser Spaces
Free-for-All Space
Free-for-All Spaces
Competition Space
Battle Spaces
1-Vs-3 Space
1-Vs-3 Spaces
Bowser Jr. Space
Bowser Jr. Spaces
Captain Event Space
Captain Event Spaces
Boss Space
Boss Battle Spaces
Total 112

Related quotes[edit]

  • "In Bob-omb Factory, you'll collect Mini Stars as you traverse an industrial zone on your way to the goal. This factory features many conveyor belts. And it looks like there's an even bigger area waiting behind this corridor."
  • "Try to recover all the Mini Stars in the factory!"
  • "But be careful! One of Bowser's minions is guarding the Mini Stars beyond the Bowser Gate. And that's not all! Another one of Bowser's minions is guarding the Mini Stars in that fort!"
  • "I've heard Bowser's minions are especially tough around here. Are you ready?"


  • Mario Party 9 website bios:
    • Flag of USA.png "Ahhhh, the smell of industry. Make your way through conveyor belts and other obstacles as the assembly line cranks out those Bob-ombs."
    • Flag of Europe.png "Travelling in a scrap-metal machine, your path could suddenly take a turn for the worse (or better) when you land on conveyer belts leading in new directions. You might also find yourself travelling with an unwanted passenger if a Bob-omb drops in for a ride!"


Names in other languages[edit]

Bob-omb Factory[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ダイナマイトファクトリー
Dainamaito Fakutorī
Dynamite Factory
Chinese (Simplified) 爆破工厂
Bàopò gōngchǎng
Dynamite Factory
Chinese (Traditional) 爆破工廠
Bàopò gōngchǎng
Dynamite Factory
French Panique à la fabrique Panic at the factory
German Bob-Omb-Fabrik Bob-Omb-Factory
Italian La fabbrica di Bob-omba The Bob-omb's factory
Korean 다이너마이트 팩토리
Daineomaiteu Paektori
Dynamite Factory
Spanish (NOA) Fábrica de Bob-ombas Bob-ombs Factory
Spanish (NOE) Fábrica de Bob-ombs Bob-ombs Factory

Factory Walker[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ファクトリーカート
Fakutorī Kāto
Factory Cart

Gear Shifter[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ポンコツカート
Ponkotsu Kāto
Worn-Out Cart

King Bob-omb Bus[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ボムキングカート
Bomu Kingu Kāto
King Bob-omb Cart