Boo's Haunted Bash

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Boo's Haunted Bash
Appears in Mario Party 4
Difficulty ★★
Availability Default
Description "A scary map dreamed up by Boo."
Music sample
“Welcome to Boo's Haunted Bash! It's so good, it's scary! I'll be your ghost--er host. This board is a scary little spook house that I cooked up a while back. I wanted to scare everyone who set foot in here. Let's see how you do.”
Boo, Mario Party 4

Boo's Haunted Bash is a haunted house/forest board hosted by Boo in Mario Party 4. He built it because he loves scaring people, and wanted his friends to be scared here as much as possible. Here, Boos are everywhere, and are put in charge of the games and shops (the one hosting wears a wizard's hat and cape).

Artwork from the board selection screen.

The main attractions here are the Mystery Train, and the Red Boo bridges. Every time a player passes the Big Red Boo, he and the bridges would disappear, and reappear when another player came by. The Boo that is in charge of the Mystery Train (a set of four transparent coffins) will not give rides as long as the bridges are there. While they're gone, players can ride on the train. While on it, players are able to change direction of the train to other parts of the board until they reach the graveyard (a side on the board). Other players that get in the way get on board too, so that they also end up where the player in front is heading. There are only two Happening Spaces on the entire board-at the top-right corner. Players that land on one make a clock count down to when the infamous Big Boo comes. When the ? Space activates three times, Big Boo appears. He steals coins (for fifteen coins) or stars (for 150) from the other players, and gives them to the player who summons him. The Gaddlight will not prevent a theft from the Big Boo.

The Item Minigame of the board involves a big trumpet. Three items go in the trumpet. After they scramble, players have to jump on one of the buttons. This makes the trumpet play a note, and release one of the items it has. That item goes to the player. The Coin Minigame, Rhythm and Boo, involves a piano. Players have to keep up with the Boo to press the buttons shown on the keys. The more keys they get right at the end of the game, the more coins are given (mistakes or not reacting mean less coins).

In Story Mode, if the player beats their opponents on the board, Boo challenges them to a Minigame called Mystic Match 'Em in order to win his present.


Type of Space Number of Spaces
Blue Space from Mario Party 4 and Mario Party 5
Blue Spaces
Red Space from Mario Party 4 and Mario Party 5
Red Spaces
4 (0 during the last five turns if the Red Spaces turn into either Bowser Spaces or Fortune Spaces)
A ? Space from Mario Party 4
Happening Spaces
Mushroom Space from Mario Party 4
Mushroom Spaces
Warp Space from Mario Party 4
Warp Spaces
Battle Space from Mario Party 4
Battle Spaces
Bowser Space
Bowser Spaces
3 (7 during the last five turns if the Red Spaces turn into Bowser Spaces)
Fortune Space from Mario Party 4
Fortune Spaces
3 (7 during the last five turns if the Red Spaces turn into Fortune Spaces)
Total of Spaces 76


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ひやひやパーティ
Hiyahiya Pāti
Creepy Party
French Le Bal Boorlesque Burlesque Party ("Boorlesque" is a portmanteau of "Boo" and "Burlesque")
German Buu Huus Spukgemäuer Boo's Haunted Ruins
Italian La Festa col Bootto Portmanteau of La Festa col Botto (The Party with a Bang) and Boo
Spanish El tablero embroojado The Boo-witched board (embroojado is a portmanteau of embrujado (bewitched) and Boo)