Shy Guy Well

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“Cast your wish into the Shy Guy Well!”
Shy Guy, Mario Party 4
An angered Shy Guy Well

Shy Guy Wells are statues of Shy Guys that appear Mario Party 4's Shy Guy's Jungle Jam board. When a character lands on an Event Space near the statue a Shy Guy will ask, "What kind of wish do you have?". The player can answer with "a fun wish" or "a sad wish". Either answer may please or anger the Well at random; if the Well is pleased the game will continue as normal, if angered the Well will cause the large Shy Guy statue at the back of the board to begin "crying", which prevents access to the opposite side of the board via bridge or raft for one to three turns due to the rising tides it creates.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Puits Maskass
Shy Guy Well
Italian Totem del Tipo Timido
Shy Guy Totem