Gourmet Guy

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Gourmet Guy
Gourmet Guy
Species Fat Guy
First appearance Paper Mario (2000)
“Everybody calls me Gourmet Guy. I don't know why. I'm just an ordinary, food-loving Shy Guy. Sigh... I'm hungry...”
Gourmet Guy, Paper Mario

Gourmet Guy is an always-hungry Fat Guy who works for Bowser and appeared in the game Paper Mario. He can be easily bribed by giving him a delicious Cake. He says he doesn't know why people call him Gourmet Guy, saying he's just an ordinary food-loving Shy Guy. Despite being one of Bowser's henchmen, he actually helps Mario and Princess Peach.

Paper Mario[edit]

“I'm too hungry to move. I'm famished! I must eat! I need a sweet, sweet Cake! Sweet Cake...with frosting...and cookie crumbles...”
Gourmet Guy, Paper Mario

Gourmet Guy is first seen in Shy Guy's Toy Box during the events of Chapter 4, blocking a railroad crossing in the Pink Station area. He does not let Mario pass him due to his hunger and cannot move unless Mario gives him a Cake. If any other food item is given to him, he spits it out and says his palate is too refined for that kinds of food. Tayce T. will cook a Cake for Mario when he returns her Frying Pan (additional Cakes can be made using Cake Mixes). When Gourmet Guy eats the Cake, he is so stunned by its taste that he starts flying around the area and jumps offscreen, dropping a Cookbook that Mario can give to Tayce T., allowing her to make additional recipes.

Gourmet Guy asks Peach to bake him a cake.
Gourmet Guy waits for his cake.

Gourmet Guy later appears in Peach's Castle in an intermission after Chapter 4. When Princess Peach enters a room, she finds Gourmet Guy, who first thinks that he should report to Bowser that Peach had escaped her room. But, deciding he is hungry instead, he says he will keep the event a secret if Peach bakes him something sweet. Since Peach does not have any ingredients ready to cook, Gourmet Guy gives Peach the Castle Key to the kitchen. After she obtains the Castle Key, he warns that there are guards on the first floor and she must be careful.

When Peach and Twink come back to the room with the Special Strawberry Cake, they give it to Gourmet Guy, who then eats the cake. If Peach has not followed the recipe, Gourmet Guy will spit out the cake and demand Peach to remake the cake correctly. If Peach has followed the recipe, he starts going wild, rushing around the area on the screen in the same manner as before. When Gourmet Guy is done with his sugar rush, he tells Peach and Twink that one of the Star Spirits, Misstar, is currently inside Mt. Lavalava on Lavalava Island, but there is a Lava Piranha guarding the Star Spirit. He recommends that Twink pass on the information to Mario. Lastly, he briefly mentions that he really does not dislike Mario before leaving.

During the end parade, the Fearsome 5 partially devour Huff N. Puff and 2 Ruff Puffs, causing them to shrink. Seeing this, Gourmet Guy chases them with a knife and a fork.


Goombario can use Tattle on Gourmet Guy only while he is blocking the railroad crossing in the Pink Station area of Shy Guy's Toy Box before Mario gives him a Cake.

  • "That's Gourmet Guy. Woow! He's huuuuge! Does this guy ever stop eating? He looks like he'd eat until his stomach blew up!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese グルメヘイホー
Gurume Heihō
Gourmet Shy Guy
Chinese 美食家嘿虎
Měishíjiā Hēihǔ
Gourmet Heiho (Heiho is from the Japanese name of Shy Guys)
French Maska'goinfre Mix of Maskass (Shy Guy) and goinfre (guzzler)
German Gourmet Guy -
Italian Gourmet Guy -
Spanish Tragón Guy Greedy-Guts/Glutton Guy