Dash (Paper Mario)

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Twink using Dash

Dash is a move used by Twink in Paper Mario. This move can only be performed while Princess Peach and Twink fight Kammy Koopa at the end of chapter 8, as Mario and his team fight Bowser. Dash is Twink's only attack and option in battle, and it does not have an Action Command. When Peach uses Focus, Twink's attack and defense go up by one point each, boosting Dash from an initial attack power of 0 until it maxes at 4. Twink defeats Kammy Koopa with Dash after dealing a total of 10 damage. Afterwards, Peach calls upon the Star Spirits for assistance to upgrade the Star Beam to Peach Beam, allowing Mario to weaken Bowser.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese たいあたり
Hit with body

Chinese 冲撞[1]