Shiver City

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Shiver City
Shiver City main area.
A map of the center area of Shiver City
First appearance Paper Mario (2000)
Greater location Shiver Region
Ruler Mayor Penguin
Inhabitants Bumpties, Toad

Shiver City is a cold and icy city found during the events of Paper Mario. Many penguins live in this city. Mario and his partners travel here at the beginning of Chapter 7 and must solve a murder mystery before they can go on. Mario can also get an Ultra Shroom and four regular Mushrooms by sleeping at the Toad House after gaining access to the Crystal Palace. Every time he sleeps there, Mario receives an Iced Potato, an item used in many recipes. Beyond the city is Shiver Snowfield. Shiver City is later referenced by one of the Bumpties in Poshley Heights during Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.


Mario and Goombario discover the body of the Mayor.

After Mario and his partners clear Chapter 6 in Paper Mario, they are told by a Ninji at Merlon's house in Toad Town to go to Starborn Valley. Merlon mentions that there is a pipe below Toad Town that links to Shiver City, which Starborn Valley is located near. When Mario and his partners go through Toad Town Tunnels, they arrive at a place where Mario must do Tornado Jumps to reveal some Hidden Blocks. With the help of these blocks, they are able to reach the blue door to a frozen pipe, which leads to Shiver City.

Upon first arrival, Mario and his partners are told by the guard of the east gate that the city is on alert after a suspicious person ran through the village and caused a stir, so they cannot pass without the Mayor's approval. When they head to the Mayor's house, however, they find the Mayor unconscious on the ground, supposedly dead. Mario is soon accused of murder by the penguin patrol, who gives Mario a chance to prove his innocence by finding the real "murder", forbidden to leave the city (even to go back to Toad Town Tunnels) before he does. Mario breaks the frozen pond in the village with the Tornado Jump and gets the Warehouse Key with Sushie's help, and uses it to open the door to the storehouse. After getting to the roof, he jumps to the roof of the house to the west and gets into Herringway's house. When Herringway and he go to the Mayor's house to further investigate, however, the supposedly-dead Mayor gets up again, revealing that he had only been knocked out from a fall. Mario is then free to go.

When Mario receives the Scarf from Merle, he is told to get the Bucket from the Mayor, and comes back to the city to do this. With the two items, Mario and his partners will be able to proceed further to Shiver Mountain.

Sidequests in this area include getting the Star Pieces near the Mayor's house as well as from the Mayor for letter delivery. The city is divided in three scenes, with the Mayor's house being the westernmost one in the western scene. There are another two houses in the western scene, in the eastern one of which lives a food-loving penguin. Mario can use this house to get to the western one for the Attack FX E badge in it. The scene in the middle contains the pipe to/from Toad Town Tunnels, as well as an ordinary penguin's house, the Shiver Shop, and a Toad House. If Mario sleeps for the first time in the Toad House after helping the snowmen, he will find an Ultra Shroom surrounded by four Mushrooms on the inn ground as well as an Iced Potato on the table the next morning, with the Toad unsure where they are from. Subsequent nights spend in the Toad House only witness one Iced Potato each time. Herringway's house and the store house are in the eastern scene, and so is the gate to the Shiver Region. The Bumpties in the village will often sneak into Herringway's house to read his unfinished novel, much to his annoyance.

At the end of the game, the explorer Kolorado with two assistants can be seen in Shiver City, heading for Shiver Mountain under the assistance of Kooper. Mail carrier Parakarry comes and delivers an invitation letter to Kooper from Princess Peach, and Kolorado lets Kooper go. Parakarry also brings a message to Kolorado from Kolorado's wife, which scolds him for not returning home often. Upon hearing this, Kolorado abandons his plan and the two assistants, heading back home.

Shiver City is mentioned in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. A penguin living in a periwinkle house in the second area of Poshley Heights, while admitting that his new home is fun, laments about not being able to eat snow cones, make snowmen, or go ice-skating like he could do in Shiver City.

Items Found[edit]

In addition to the items listed below, several items can be purchased from Shiver Shop, and 64 Star Pieces can be obtained from Chuck Quizmo here.

Item Icon Location
Star Piece A Star Piece, from Paper Mario. Under a hidden panel to the east of the Mayor Penguin's room at the very west (has four Bumpties standing on it sometime).
Given by Mayor Penguin after giving him a letter from Shiver Snowfield.
Bucket Bucket PM.png Given by Mayor Penguin after visiting Merle and getting the Scarf.
Attack FX E Attack FX E Badge.png In a treasure chest in the middle house in the west scene (is obtained from the east house).
Mushroom x 4, Ultra Shroom PaperMario Items Mushroom.pngx4 PaperMario Items UltraShroom.png Appears the first time Mario sleeps in the Toad House after opening the passage to Shiver Mountain.
Iced Potato PaperMario Items IcedPotato.png Appears every time Mario sleeps in the Toad House.
Warehouse Key OddKey PM.png In the ice in the east scene (by performing several Tornado Jumps over the ice after "murdering" the Mayor).

Notable residents[edit]

Area Tattles[edit]

  • "This is Shiver City. It's usually completely covered with snow and ice. It's perfect for penguins. It's a bit cold for me. You seem to be fine, though. How do you do it, Mario?"
  • "It looks like we could go skating on that frozen pond. Skating is tons of fun! I don't know, though... Do you think that ice might break? Oh, you might also notice that gate over there. It leads out into the highlands. The path from that gate leads all the way to Starborn Valley."
  • "It's too bad we broke the ice in that pond, huh? Now we can't go skating! What a pity! That gate is the way between the village and the cold hills beyond. A guard is always stationed there. If you follow the path from that gate, eventually you'll come to Starborn Valley."
  • "I heard from Goompa that Shiver City is covered with snow all year round."
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In-game map description[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese サムイサムイ村
Cold Cold Village

Chinese 酷冰冰村
Kùbīngbīng Cūn
Cool Ice Ice Village

French Frissonville
Shiver city
German Bibber-City
Shiver City
Italian Shivar
Variation of "shiver"
Spanish Ciudad Escalofrío
Shiver City