Paper Mario Game Music Soundtrack CD

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Paper Mario Game Music Soundtrack CD
PM Soundtrack CD Front Cover.jpg
Composed by:
Yuka Tsujiyoko
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Release date 2001
Media Compact disc
Track(s) 78

Paper Mario Game Music Soundtrack CD is a soundtrack album that contains the original music from Paper Mario. This item was copyrighted in 2001 and published by Nintendo. It was given out as a bonus gift to subscribers of Nintendo Power in limited quantities, with the last being given in 2002 or 2003. The soundtrack holds 78 songs from the game in two discs.

The whole soundtrack was composed by Yuka Tsujiyoko, who stated that she used pieces of Super Mario music that originated from games such as Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, and Super Mario World and expanded them to make the theme music fit in the game. [1]


Disc 1[edit]

# Title
1 Story of the Stolen Spirits
2 Main Title
3 A Party at Peach's Castle
4 Mario's Theme
5 March Ahead
6 Goomba Village Theme
7 Battle Fanfare
8 Hey You!
9 Gates of Goomba Castle
10 Goomba King's Decree
11 Toad Town Theme
12 Shy Guy Riot
13 Nice To Meet You
14 A Kingdom in Chaos
15 Fuzzys Stole My Shell
16 Koopa Village Theme
17 Koopa Bros. Fortress
18 Bill Blaster! Go Faster!
19 Koopa Bros. Keep Cool
20 Trojan Bowser
21 Attack of the Koopa Bros.
22 Toad Town Variations
23 Mt. Rugged Theme
24 Dry Dry Desert Trek
25 Mysterious Dry Dry Outpost
26 Dry Dry Ruins Quest
27 Chomp Attack
28 Forever Forest Theme
29 Approach to the Mansion
30 Boo's Mansion Theme
31 Gusty Gulch Adventure
32 Tubba Blubba's Castle
33 The Castle Crumbles
34 Tubba's Heart
35 Ghost Gulping
36 Shy Guys Toy Box
37 All Board!
38 General Guy's March
39 Keeping Pace

Disc 2[edit]

# Title
1 Princess in Distress
2 Hang in There, Peach!
3 Twink's Theme
4 Jade Jungle Theme
5 Welcome to Yoshi's Village
6 Search for the Fearsome 5
7 Raphael the Raven
8 Hot Times in Mt. Lavalava
9 Escape From Mt. Lavalava
10 Lava Piranha Attack
11 Go! Mario! Go!
12 Clouds Over Flower Fields
13 Flower Field Rondo
14 Lakilester the Great!
15 Huff N. Puff's Theme
16 Huffin' and Puffin'
17 Cold Reception in Shiver City
18 Detective Mario
19 Snow Road
20 Starborn Valley Trail
21 Over Shiver Mountain
22 Crystal Palace Crawl
23 Freeze!
24 A City in the Stars
25 Shooting Star Summit
26 Star Way
27 Sanctuary!
28 Siege on Bowser's Castle
29 Angry Bowser
30 Bowser's Rage
31 Wish of the Princess
32 King of the Koopas
33 Beware! Bowser's Castle!
34 Star Spirits' Request
35 Goodbye, Twink!
36 Princess Peach Saved!
37 Victory Parade
38 The Celebration Continues
39 Mario and Peach's Theme



  • The back of the cover spells the plural of Fuzzies as "Fuzzys."


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