Nintendo All-Star! Dairantō Smash Brothers Original Soundtrack

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Nintendo All-Star! Dairantō Smash Brothers Original Soundtrack
Front cover from Nintendo All-Star! Dairantou Smash Brothers OST.
Composed by:
Hirokazu Ando, Koji Kondo, Kazumi Totaka, Hirokazu Tanaka, Taro Bando, Juunichi Masuda, Jun Ishikawa, David Wise
Publisher(s) Teichiku Records
Release date Japan January 1, 2001
Format Compact disc
Track(s) 33

Nintendo All-Star! Dairantō Smash Brothers Original Soundtrack is the official soundtrack for Super Smash Bros. This album includes every music track from the game. The second disc includes four remixes and a compilation of all sound effects from the game.


Disc One (46:23)[edit]

# Title Length
1 Opening 1:26
2 Peach's Castle Sky Stage 2:37
3 Congo Jungle Stage 2:36
4 Hyrule Castle Stage 2:16
5 Planet Zebes Stage 2:04
6 Pop Land Stage 2:41
7 Yoshi's Island Stage 2:02
8 Sector Z Stage 2:05
9 Yamabuki City Stage 2:25
10 Ancient Kingdom Stage 2:22
11 How to Play 2:49
12 Menu Screen 1:21
13 Training Mode 2:33
14 Character Introduction Stage 0:42
15 A Character Appears 0:10
16 C. Falcon Wins 0:11
17 Ness Wins ~ Battle Results 2:01
18 The Prize 0:17
19 Character Select 0:47
20 Meta Crystal 2:50
21 Bonus Game 1:55
22 Lose Bonus Game 0:09
23 Duel Zone 1:45
24 Continue 0:12
25 Game Over 0:12
26 Ending Point 2:09
27 All Clear 1:11
28 Ending ~ Staff Roll 1:27

Disc Two (37:47)[edit]

OBS.: All CLUB MIXes arranged by Shinji Yoshimura vAin.

# Title Length Audio sample
1 CLUB MIX Yoshi's Island Stage 5:19
2 CLUB MIX How to Play 4:28
3 CLUB MIX Bonus Game 5:19
4 CLUB MIX Training Mode 4:28
5 Sound Effect Collection 18:14