Mario Party 3 Original Soundtrack

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Mario Party 3 Original Soundtrack
MP3 Original Soundtrack Cover.jpg
Composed by:
Ichiro Shimakura
Release date 2001
Media Compact disc
Track(s) 83

The Mario Party 3 Original Soundtrack is a two-disc set containing every piece of music and sound byte in Mario Party 3. The soundtrack was released in 2001[1] and contains all the same music the Sound Test does in the game.


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Disc 1[edit]

  1. Opening Demo
  2. Title Screen
  3. File Select
  4. The Castle Square
  5. Staff Roll
  6. Inside the Castle
  7. Free Play Room
  8. Starlift
  9. Preparation for Adventure
  10. Rule Map
  11. The Beginning of Adventure
  12. The End of Adventure
  13. Start the Minigame
  14. The Star is This Way
  15. We're Still Going
  16. Minigame Ending 1
  17. Minigame Ending 2
  18. Minigame Ending 3
  19. Commence Attack
  20. Chilly-Chilly Lake
  21. Bubble-Bubble Ocean
  22. Hot-Hot Desert
  23. Round-'n'-Round Forest
  24. Pitter-Patter Cave
  25. Waluigi Tower
  26. Do Your Best, Everyone
  27. A Winner is Me!
  28. A Winner is ME!

Disc 2[edit]

  1. Idiot Koopa
  2. Koopa Event
  3. Bring it On!
  4. Waluigi Appears!
  5. VS Millennium Star!
  6. Ending
  7. You Lost...
  8. Taking Aim
  9. Hurry Up and Go!
  10. In A B-i-g Hurry
  11. Determined Heart
  12. Do You Get It?
  13. Let's Bust Out of Here
  14. Head for the Front
  15. Big Trouble!
  16. What Should We Do?!
  17. Don't Be So Hasty
  18. Let's Tread Lightly...
  19. Come On, Chop-Chop!
  20. Prologue 1
  21. Prologue 2
  22. Prologue 3
  23. Mushroom Wizard's Theme
  24. Mushroom Witch's Theme
  25. Battle Start
  26. Bang Out a Drum Intro
  27. Bang Out a Drum Fill
  28. Stardust Battle
  29. Chance Minigame
  30. Jumble Minigame
  31. Item Minigame
  32. Power-Up Mushroom!
  33. Gambling Victory
  34. Gambling Defeat
  35. Hey-Ho Dance
  36. Drum Roll
  37. Sound Config
  38. Battle Room
  39. Gamble Room
  40. Murmur
  41. Tension Drums
  42. Multiplayer Play-One Winner is Determined
  43. Multiplayer Play-Multiple Winners are Determined
  44. Duel Minigame-One Winner is Determined
  45. Get Item
  46. A New Record
  47. Miss
  48. Draw
  49. Race Start Fanfare
  50. Map Title
  51. Get Star
  52. Gambling Minigame Double Up-Obtain Privilege
  53. Gambling Minigame Failure
  54. Star Stamp
  55. Gambling Minigame Success!