Donkey Konga: The Hottest Hits

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Soundtrack Album
Donkey Konga: The Hottest Hits
DKonga CDCover.png.
Composed by:
Publisher(s) Nintendo of Europe
Release date Europe 2004
Media Compact Disc
Track(s) 7
Length 13:01

Donkey Konga: The Hottest Hits is a promotional release from Nintendo of Europe. It includes seven songs from the game Donkey Konga.

Track List[edit]

Disc One (13:01)[edit]

Back cover including the track listing.
1) Super Smash Bros. Melee 1:31
2) Donkey Kong Country Theme 1:42
3) DK Rap 1:57
4) Donkey Konga Theme 2:19
5) Super Mario Bros. Theme 1:44
6) Rainbow Cruise 1:25
7) The Legend of Zelda Theme 2:23