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Super Mario RPG Original Sound Version
Super Mario RPG Original Sound Version
Composed by:
Yoko Shimomura
Original compositions by Koji Kondo and Nobuo Uematsu
Publisher(s) NTT Publishing
Release date Japan March 8, 1996
Media Compact disc
Track(s) 61
Length 1:43:37
Catalog number(s) PSCN-5047~8

Super Mario RPG Original Sound Version is the official compact disc soundtrack for Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, featuring tracks originally arranged for the game by Yoko Shimomura. It was released as a Japan-exclusive product on March 8, 1996. All of the songs are based on Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.

The following is a list of tracks included within the two CDs, all of which were composed by Shimomura, or arranged from songs originally composed by Koji Kondo or Nobuo Uematsu (which are noted in the included tracklist). The soundtrack was rearranged with live instruments by Yoko Shimomura for the Nintendo Switch remake of Super Mario RPG. Localized titles are taken from the Sound Player feature available in the remake.

Disc 1[edit]

Total length: 51:09

# Japanese name Localized name Notes Length
01 楽しい冒険 愉快な冒険
Enjoyable Adventure, Delightful Adventure
Fun Adventure, Cheerful Adventure Intro Movie (second part) 03:35
02 Let's Try Let's Try! File Select Menu. Originally composed by Koji Kondo. 00:57
03 お花畑にて
In the Flower Garden
In the Flower Garden Intro Movie (first part) 00:28
04 クッパ城(其ノ壱)
Koopa Castle (First Time)
Bowser's Keep (First Visit) Bowser's Keep, first time 00:36
05 対 クッパ戦
Versus: Koopa Battle
Battling Bowser Fight against Bowser. Originally composed by Koji Kondo. 00:55
06 剣は降り星は散る
The Sword Descends and the Stars Scatter
The Sword That Scattered the Stars Exor's attack on Bowser's Keep 00:33
07 Super Pipe House Super Mario House Mario's Pad. Originally composed by Koji Kondo. 01:28
08 どこに行きますか?
Where Do I Go?
Where To? World Map 00:35
09 道中は危険がいっぱい
The Road Is Full of Dangers
Danger Abounds on the Journey Mushroom Way 01:27
10 対 モンスター戦
Versus: Monster Battle
Battling Monsters Normal battle theme 01:06
11 勝利!!
Victory! Battle victory theme 00:20
12 Hello, Happy Kingdom Hello, Happy Kingdom Mushroom Kingdom 02:17
13 説明しますっ!
Let Me Explain!
Let Me Explain! 00:12
14 新しい仲間
A New Comrade
A New Friend New partner theme 00:03
15 まだまだ道中は危険がいっぱい
The Road Is Still Full of Dangers
Danger Aplenty on the Journey Bandit's Way; Bean Valley 01:35
16 ごきげんスター
Invincible Star
Irrepressible Star Star. Originally composed by Koji Kondo. 00:20
17 対 ちょっぴり強いモンスター戦
Versus: Slightly Stronger Monster Battle
Battling Strongish Monsters Normal boss theme 01:21
18 武器たちがやってきた!
The Weapons Have Arrived!
The Weapons Show Up Smithy Gang invasion theme 01:18
19 対 武器ボス戦
Versus: Weapon Boss Battle
Battling a Weapon Boss Smithy Gang's boss theme 01:52
20 スターピース入手
Star Piece Obtained
Got a Star Piece! Star Piece theme 00:31
21 ダンジョンはモンスターがいっぱい
The Dungeon Is Full of Monsters
Monsters Abound in the Dungeon Kero Sewers 01:06
22 ワイン川を行こう
Let's Go Down the Wine River
Let's Take the Midas River Midas River; riding the Shyndelier to Exor 01:08
23 おじいちゃんと愉快なオタマ達
Grandpa and the Delightful Tadpoles
Grandpa and the Upbeat Tadpoles Tadpole Pond 00:48
24 ショック!
Shock! 00:05
25 かなしいうた
Sad Song
Elegy Tadpole Pond, melancholy music 00:52
26 ねぇねぇジーノごっこしようよ
Hey Hey, Let's Play Make-Believe With Geno
Play "Save the World" with Me! Geno's theme. Originally composed by Koji Kondo. 01:12
27 ジーノの目覚め
Geno's Awakening
Geno's Awakening 01:21
28 森のキノコにご用心
Beware the Forest's Mushrooms
Beware of Forest Mushrooms Forest Maze 02:02
29 Rose Town Rose Town Rose Town 00:55
30 土管からコンニチハ
Hello from the Pipe
Greetings from the Pipes Pipe Vault. Originally composed by Koji Kondo. 01:06
31 Welcome! Yo'ster Island!! Welcome to Yo'ster Isle! Yo'ster Isle 01:26
32 かけっこしようよ
Let's Race
Let's Race Mushroom Derby 01:02
33 働きモグラは良いモグラ
Hardworking Moles are Good Moles
A Working Mole Is a Happy Mole Moleville 01:31
34 Docaty Mountain Railroad Moleville Mountain Rail Moleville Mountain 02:18
35 ここはブッキータワーでございます
This Is Bookie Tower
This Is Booster Tower Booster Tower intro 01:28
36 そしてわたしの名はブッキー
And That Means My Name's Bookie
And That Makes Me Booster! Booster Tower 02:00
37 Long Long Ago… Long, Long Ago... 2D Mario music; from Super Mario Bros. Originally composed by Koji Kondo. 01:22
38 ちょっとドキドキ
Slight Heart Pounding
A Little Anxious Originally composed by Koji Kondo. 00:24
39 坂道
The Hill 02:46

Disc 2[edit]

Total length: 52:29

# Japanese name Localized name Notes Length
01 メリー・マリーの鐘が鳴る
The Merry Marry Bell Rings
The Bell Rings Out at Marrymore Marrymore 02:20
02 祝いのメロディ
Congratulatory Melody
Melody of Celebration 00:12
03 星の光の花咲く丘で
At the Hill Where Starlight Flowers Bloom
Where Flowers Bloom under Starlight Star Hill 01:11
04 沈没船
Sunken Ship
The Sunken Ship Sunken Ship 02:58
05 お買い物ならリップルタウンへどうぞ
Going Shopping in Ripple Town
Shopping at Seaside Town Seaside Town 01:20
06 僕らの楽園〜モンスタウン〜
Our Paradise ~Monstown~
Monstro Town, Our Paradise Monstro Town 03:52
07 対 クリスタラー戦
Versus: Crystaler Battle
Battling Culex Fight against Culex. Originally composed by Nobuo Uematsu. Arrangement of "Battle 2" from Final Fantasy IV. 02:18
08 クリスタラー戦での勝利
Victory at Crystaler Battle
Victory over Culex Victory over Culex. Originally composed by Nobuo Uematsu. Arrangement of "Fanfare" from the Final Fantasy series. 00:44
09 クリスタラーの会話
Crystaler's Dialogue
Conversation with Culex Conversation with Culex. Originally composed by Nobuo Uematsu. Arrangement of "The Prelude" from the Final Fantasy series. Does not contain the melody portion that first appeared in Final Fantasy IV. 01:10
10 貴方と作るキノコフスキー名曲の時間
The Time of You and Kinokovsky Creating a Masterpiece
A Masterpiece Composed with Toadofsky 00:27
11 フカフカしましょ!
Do the Fukafuka!
Let's Get Fluffy! Nimbus Land 02:54
12 マルガリ・マルガリータ
Margari Margarita
Valen-Valentina Valentina's theme 02:06
13 ドドが来たっ!!
Dodo Has Come!!
Dodo Has Arrived! 00:56
14 バーレル火山
Barrel Volcano
Barrel Volcano Barrel Volcano 01:42
15 オノレンジャー参上
The Axe Rangers Visit
The Axem Rangers Burst In Originally composed by Koji Kondo. 01:12
16 クッパ城(其ノ弐)
Koopa Castle (Second Time)
Bowser's Keep (Second Visit) Bowser's Keep, second time. Originally composed by Koji Kondo. 02:46
17 武器工場
Weapon Factory
The Factory Weapon World 02:41
18 対 カジオー戦
Versus: Kajiō Battle
Battling Smithy Smithy fight part 1 01:49
19 対 変身好きのカジオー戦
Versus: Transformation-Liking Kajiō Battle
Battling Smithy's Many Forms Smithy fight part 2 02:24
20 さよならジーノ…〜星の窓から見る夢は
Farewell, Geno... ~ Seeing Dreams Through the Window of the Stars
Farewell, Geno... / The Wishes from the Stars 04:21
21 楽しいパレード 愉快なパレード〜そしてパレードは行ってしまった…
Enjoyable Parade, Delightful Parade ~ And So, the Parade Draws to a Close...
Fun Parade, Cheerful Parade / There Goes the Parade... 06:08
22 お・し・ま・い・!
T-h-e E-n-d-!
The End! Originally composed by Koji Kondo. 03:28



  • "The Hill", the song that plays on Booster Hill, ends a few seconds earlier in the soundtrack album than in the game in the D major verse. However, the original full version of the song has its last two verses in E major and a repeated G flat major in a higher octave than the first verse, both verses of which were absent in the soundtrack album and in the game.