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The Album cover of Super Mario RPG Original Sound Version

The Super Mario RPG Original Sound Version is the official compact disc soundtrack to the Square Enix-developed RPG game, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, featuring tracks originally arranged for the game by Yoko Shimomura. It was released as a Japan-exclusive product on March 8, 1996. All of the songs are based on the game Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.

The following is a list of tracks included within the CD, all of which were composed by Shimomura (with the exception of tracks 207 through 209, which were originally composed by Nobuo Uematsu for the game Final Fantasy IV and appear in the game re-arranged):

Track List
# Name of the Track Source Length
101 Happy Adventure, Delightful Adventure Intro Movie (second part) 03:35
102 Let's Try File Select Menu 00:57
103 In the Flower Garden Intro Movie (first part) 00:28
104 Koopa Castle (First Time) Bowser's Keep, first time 00:36
105 Fight against Koopa Fight against Bowser 00:55
106 The Sword Descends and The Stars Scatter Exor's attack on Bowser's Keep 00:33
107 Super Pipe House Mario's Pad 01:28
108 Where Am I Going? World Map 00:35
109 The Road is Full of Dangers Mushroom Way 01:27
110 Fight against Monsters Normal battle theme 01:06
111 Victory!! Battle victory theme 00:20
112 Hello, Happy Kingdom Mushroom Kingdom 02:17
113 Explanation! 00:12
114 A New Partner New partner theme 00:03
115 Still, the Road is Full of Dangers Bandit's Way 01:35
116 Invincible Star Starman 00:20
117 Fight against a Stronger Monster Normal boss theme 01:21
118 Here's Some Weapons! Smithy Gang invasion theme 01:18
119 Fight against an Armed Boss Smithy Gang's boss theme 01:52
120a Got a Star Piece (part 1) Star Piece theme 00:11
120b Got a Star Piece (part 2) Star Piece theme 00:20
121 The Dungeon is Full of Monsters Kero Sewers 01:06
122 Let's Go Down the Wine River Midas River 01:08
123 Grandpa and the Delightful Tadpoles Tadpole Pond 00:48
124 Shock! 00:05
125 Sad Song Tadpole Pond, melancholy music 00:52
126 Let's Play 'Geno' Geno's theme 01:12
127 Geno Awakens 01:21
128 Beware the Forest's Mushrooms Forest Maze 02:02
129 Rose Town Rose Town 00:55
130 From Inside the Earthen Pipe Pipe Vault 01:06
131 Welcome! Yo'ster Island!! Yo'ster Isle 01:26
132 Let's Race Mushroom Derby 01:02
133 Hardworking Moles are Good Moles Moleville 01:31
134 Docaty Mountain Railroad Moleville Mountain 02:18
135 Welcome to Bukki Tower Booster Tower intro 01:28
136 And my Name's Bukki Booster Tower 02:00
137 Long Long Ago... 2D Mario music 01:22
138a Heart Beating a Little Faster (part 1) 00:21
138b Heart Beating a Little Faster (part 2) 00:03
139 Slope 02:46
201 The Merry Mary Bell Rings Marrymore 02:20
202 Celebrational 00:12
203 The Starlight's Flower Star Hill 01:11
204 Sunken Ship Sunken Ship 02:58
205 Going Shopping in Ripple Town Seaside Town 01:20
206 My Paradise ~ Monstro Town Monstro Town 03:52
207 Fight against Culex 02:18
208 Victory over Culex 00:44
209 Conversation with Culex 01:10
210 You and Toadofski Create Exquisite Music 00:27
211 Let's Do the Fooka-Fooka! Nimbus Land 02:54
212 Margarie Margarita Valentina's theme 02:06
213 Dodo's Coming!! 00:56
214 Barrel Volcano Barrel Volcano 01:42
215 The Axem Rangers Drop in 01:12
216 Koopa Castle (Second Time) Bowser's Keep, second time 02:46
217 Weapons Factory Factory 02:41
218 Fight against Kajidoh Smithy fight part 1 01:49
219 Fight against Kajidoh, Who Likes Transforming Smithy fight part 2 02:24
220a Goodbye Geno 01:53
220b Seeing Dreams Through the Window of the Stars 02:28
221a Happy Parade, Delightful Parade 04:36
221b And the Parade Draws to a Close... 01:32
222 The End! 03:28
s-01 Grate Guy's Casino Grate Guy's Casino 00:36
s-02 Melody Bay Melody Bay 00:12
s-03 Race Training 00:16
s-04 On Bukki's Hill Booster Hill 00:17
s-05 Factory Factory 00:16


  • Ironically, the song "Slope" (Booster Hill) ends a few seconds earlier in the soundtrack album than in the game in the D Major verse. However, the original full version of the song has its last two verses in E Major and a repeated G♭ Major in a higher octave than the first verse, both verses of which were absent in the soundtrack album and in the game.
  • "Fight against Koopa", the track played during the battle against Bowser at the beginning of the game, is a version of Super Mario Bros. 3's final boss theme, "King Koopa Battle".