Rose Town innkeeper

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The Rose Town innkeeper with Mario and her son Gaz

The Rose Town innkeeper is a Toad from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars that runs the Inn in Rose Town. She is also the mother of Gaz.

When Mario first arrives in Rose Town, the innkeeper asks him to play with her young son. Unfortunately, Gaz's new doll Geno accidentally renders Mario unconscious. As such, the innkeeper brings him to a bed and allowed him to recover. After Mario wakes up, he saw Gaz arguing with his mother. He told his mother that he saw his doll walk into the Forest Maze. The innkeeper, believing that her son is lying, gave him a time-out. Later, when Geno proves to be real, the innkeeper simply believes that he is just wearing a costume. Since Mario was so nice to her son, the innkeeper allows them to stay in her Inn for free.