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Mario chatting with some Dry Dry Outpost locals

Dryites are a race of Toads that live alongside Nomadimice at the Dry Dry Outpost in the game Paper Mario. One can also be found at a train station in Mt. Rugged. Dryites look the same as other Toads, except that they wear blue, green or yellow tagelmusts and desert clothing instead of mushroom caps and vests. Mario can talk to the Dryites throughout his adventure to receive tips and hints. Goombario once claimed to be near-sure that all Dryites were somehow adults[citation needed] and one of Kolorado's co-workers claimed that the citizens of Dry Dry Outpost were all relatives of Dry Dry Desert's ancient dwellers[citation needed], indicating that Dryites and Nomadimice are descendants of the caretakers of places such as Dry Dry Ruins.

Notable Dryites[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Dehydra Pun on dehydration