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Orange-turban Dryite A blue Dryite from Paper Mario A green Dryite from Paper Mario A chartreuse Dryite from Paper Mario

Dryites are a race of Toads that live alongside Nomadimice at Dry Dry Outpost in the game Paper Mario. One can also be found at the train station at Mt. Rugged. Dryites look the same as other Toads, except that they wear orange (instead of red), blue, green, or chartreuse tagelmusts and desert clothing instead of mushroom caps and vests. Mario can talk to the Dryites throughout his adventure to receive tips and hints. One of Kolorado's assistants states that the people of Dry Dry Outpost are descendants of the makers of Dry Dry Ruins.

At the beginning of the game, a green Dryite is invited to the party at Peach's Castle. He says that he had a chance to speak with Princess Peach and plans to tell everyone about it when he returns to Dry Dry Outpost. In Chapter 8, long after Bowser's takeover of the castle, the Dryite is seen in a cell in Bowser's Castle and calls the party ridiculous. At the end of the game, two green Dryites are seen at the new party celebrating Bowser's defeat, but it is unclear from their dialogue if either of them was the one imprisoned earlier.

One of the Dryites is a participant of the Dojo in Toad Town, having fought his way to a Second-Degree Card.

Notable Dryites[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese さばくの人
Sabaku no Hito
Desert Person

German Dehydra
A shortened form of "dehydration"
Spanish Sequi
Probably comes from "sequito" (one of the diminutive forms of "seco", which means "dry") or "sequía" (drought)