Baker (The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3)

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Baker from The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3
Baker, asking Toad if Princess Toadstool is safe.
“Those red people used to be my friends! Maybe we should talk this over.”
Baker, "True Colors"

Baker is a minor Mushroomer character that appears in The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3. He is Painter's cousin, and the pair make their sole appearance in the episode "True Colors." He appears as a Mushroomer wearing an apron over a blue shirt, with blue-tinted skin and a blue chef hat.


Baker and his cousin were hit by the Koopa Color Goopa that Cheatsy and Kooky spread all over the Mushroom Kingdom. Baker himself is first seen in the midst of preparing some pizza dough when Cheatsy - disguised as a red Mushroom person - steals the dough from him. As Baker screams in anger, Kooky claims that the red Mushrooms are "always doing mean stuff." The pair of Koopalings eventually pit him and everyone else against each other, and goad the people into agreeing to a mass rumble starting tomorrow morning.

The next morning, as the set time for the rumble nears, Baker considers trying to talk matters over with the red Mushroooms (including his cousin, Painter). Tensions flared regardless, and as the rumble was about to begin, Mario and Luigi rush over to warn them all that Princess Toadstool is in trouble and has fallen in a warp drain. Baker joins the Mario Bros. and the other Mushrooms in looking for Toad to consult him about finding Toadstool; they soon discover the princess, who says she is alright now that her subjects aren't fighting anymore. After Mario gives a speech that the Mushroom people are all Mushroom people no matter what color they are, he was reunited with his cousin Painter. Baker is not seen after this point, and it is unknown what his actual appearance is once the Koopa Color Goopa wears off near the end.