Reptiles in the Rose Garden

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The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 episode
"Reptiles in the Rose Garden"
Reptiles in the Rose Garden
Production number 102
Airdate September 8, 1990 (English)
September 6, 1991 (French)
Writer(s) Bruce Shelly
Reed Shelly
Opening curtain Grass Land
Featured song "The Frog"
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“How dare you disturb the almost-empress of the entire real world?!”
Kootie Pie Koopa

"Reptiles in the Rose Garden" is the second episode of The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3. It aired alongside another episode of The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 entitled "Sneaky Lying Cheating Giant Ninja Koopas".

Plot synopsis[edit]

Kootie Pie Koopa is celebrating her sixteenth birthday. However, her greed has caused her to want much more than the gifts she currently has that were stolen for her from across the Mushroom Kingdom. When her father, King Koopa, asks her what she wants the most, she responds, "America." King Koopa is reluctant to grant her her wish and reasons that America is located in the real world, but eventually yields when Kootie Pie throws a tantrum.

Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Princess Toadstool are enjoying their day in the Mushroom Kingdom, when they catch sight of King Koopa's Doom Ship headed for the real world. King Koopa sends his Chain Chomps to capture them before they can do a thing about it. Kootie Pie then gloats about how she is going to become "Empress of America" and that "(the Princess) is just Princess Toadstool of the measly Mushroom Kingdom".

The Doom Ship flies through a Warp Pipe leading to Washington, D.C. where it arrives at the White House. King Koopa looks through a telescope and finds the President in his office, talking on the phone. King Koopa then orders two Sledge Brothers to shoot the White House with a Levitation Beam, ripping it out of the ground and warping it to Kastle Koopa.

Kootie Pie with her written laws.

King Koopa then announces to the citizens through a megaphone that Kootie Pie is now taking over as Empress of America. Shortly after, at a press conference, Kootie Pie gives out her new "laws":

  1. Every child in America must give her all of their toys.
  2. Any boy who does not ask her on a date will be turned into a rock by King Koopa.
  3. All the gold in Fort Knox will be melted down to make an endless lifetime supply of charm bracelets for Kootie Pie.

King Koopa then orders everyone in America to pledge allegiance to Kootie Pie, "and to the repulsiveness for which she stands."

At Kastle Koopa, Mario's group notices the White House outside the dungeon window and need to return the White House and the President to America, or else Kootie Pie will rule forever; however, they are still trapped in the dungeon with several Boomerang Brothers and Fire Brothers watching them, and the Chain Chomps still holding them down.

The Fire Brother getting tricked by Princess Toadstool.

Princess Toadstool tricks the Boomerang Brothers and the Fire Brothers to start fighting each other, and then she and the others use the crossfire to cut off the chains of the Chain Chomps. Mario's group then escapes from the dungeon through a Warp Pipe.

At this point, King Koopa returns to Dark Land on board the Doom Ship, and intends on keeping Kootie Pie happy by sending the President where he will never be rescued: The bottom of the Mushroom Sea. By using the Levitation beam, he levitates the White House over the Mushroom Sea and lets it sink to the bottom.

Mario rushes to put on a Frog Suit and dives into the Mushroom Sea. A Blooper Nanny chases Mario, but Mario tricks her into hitting a Jump Block. Mario is then chased around by a Jelectro, that Mario lures into and ditches in a pipe complex. Finally, Mario makes it to the White House and enters through the front door.

The White House rising to the surface of the water.

After arriving and being mistaken by Mrs. President for a member of the Secret Service, Mario goes to the basement, attaches several pipes together and directs them out the windows. He then turns a valve which pumps all the water out of the White House and raises it to the surface of the water. Mrs. President thanks Mario, but Princess Toadstool, Luigi and Toad come by in a rowboat to inform them that Bowser's loading up the Doom Ship to attack London, Paris and even Brooklyn.

Mario and Luigi disguise themselves as Sledge Brothers and sneak aboard the Doom Ship, but their disguises do not fool the guards and they soon find themselves fleeing angry Sledge Brothers. After dodging their attacks, Mario, though, is still able to make it to the cockpit, while Luigi holds off the Sledge Brothers with a cannon.

As the brothers take control of the Doom Ship, Mario uses the Levitation Beam to send the White House back through the Warp Pipe, but he accidentally places it on top of the Washington Monument. Fortunately, Mario is able to correct this mistake, and places the White House back in its proper location.

Luigi telling Kootie Pie she is not the boss of America anymore.

Kootie Pie objects to the return of the White House, and Mario tells her to go home. Kootie Pie then throws a tantrum, and Mario levitates her (mid-tantrum) back through the warp pipe to Kastle Koopa. Mario and Luigi return the Doom Ship to Kastle Koopa, and deliberately crash it, which angers King Koopa.

Kootie Pie then blames her father for letting the Mario Bros. spoil everything, but he finally gets fed up with her whining and commands her to do her chores as punishment for her behavior and treating him like a slave. Mario and his friends can hear them yelling from outside the castle, and Mario comments that King Koopa is finally giving Kootie Pie "the present she deserves."



Other screenshots[edit]

Animation and continuity errors[edit]

  • After Kootie Pie kicks her cake out the window, she whines, but her mouth does not move.
  • When King Koopa says that Kootie Pie should tell him what she actually wants for her birthday, one of his fangs is colored pink instead of white several times.
  • After King Koopa agrees to get Kootie America, his eyes shift right a few times.
  • In far shots inside Kastle Koopa, there are no ribbons on the banners but in closeup shots, some ribbons appear.
  • When the Chain Chomps chomp Mario and his friends, the screen freezes.
    • In the same scene, the Chain Chomp on Mario is on his left foot, but when Luigi says that he and his friends are triple-guarded, it is on his right.
  • When King Koopa tells the citizens to recite after him, part of his underbelly turns the same color as his body.
  • In some scenes, the White House's flag is missing.
  • When Luigi asks how they can help the US if they cannot help themselves, Mario and Toad are in front of Princess Toadstool, but in the next shot, they are behind her.
  • When Princess Toadstool asks a Fire Bro if it is going to allow a Boomerang Bro get away with hitting one of its comrades, its eyes are colored white instead of yellow.
  • When Princess Toadstool tells her friends to head to where the fight is taking place, the Fire Bros' snouts turn the same color as their bodies.
  • When Mario and his friends escape prison, a Boomerang Bro is frozen.
  • In its initial appearance, the telescope on top of the Levitation Beam is blue, but when King Koopa says he finally found a gift that makes Kootie Pie happy, it turns pink.
    • In the same scene, King Koopa's pupils have their colors reversed.
  • When Mario says that the White House needs a super drain, his mouth does not move for the last word.
  • When the White House rises from the sea, the pipes on the sides disappear.
  • In several scenes while Mario and Luigi are in their disguises, their helmets are colored white instead of green.
  • When Luigi asks if the disguises will allow him and Mario to board King Koopa's Doomship, one of Mario's suspenders is missing.
  • In the closeup of Kootie Pie's face when she is getting a pedicure, her face turns completely brown. This also occurs when Mario warps Kootie back to Kastle Koopa, along with her shell's rim being pink instead of white.
  • When Luigi says that he and his brother brought the President back home so that Kootie Pie is not the ruler of the US anymore, his gloves turn the same color as his skin.
  • After Mario takes the White House out of the water, Luigi says King Koopa is using the Doomship to attack Brooklyn, but since Brooklyn is in America, Kootie Pie had already conquered it.
  • Before Mario puts the White House back to where it belongs, a Fire Brother is giving Kootie Pie a pedicure, but in the next shot, it turns into a Boomerang Brother.
  • When Toad asks, "You mean these things?", his mouth does not move.
  • When Mario and his friends watch Kastle Koopa shake, it is missing.
  • Throughout their appearance, the people taking autographs and photos from Kootie Pie change several times.
  • In one scene when Mario and Luigi are on the Doomship going against the Sledge Brothers, they are in their normal clothes instead of their disguises.
  • When King Koopa tells Kootie Pie to stop whining, his spit briefly freezes in midair.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Dutch Reptielen in de rozentuin
Reptiles in the Rose Garden
French Serpents dans le jardin
Snakes in the garden
German Die neue Präsidentin
The New President
Hungarian Hüllők a rózsakertben
Reptiles in the Rose Garden
Italian Rettili alla Casa Bianca
Reptiles at the White House
Polish Gady w Ogrodzie Różanym
Reptiles in the Rose Garden
Portuguese Répteis ameaçam a Casa Branca (Brazil - Herbert Richers dub)
Répteis na Casa Branca (Brazil - BKS dub)
Répteis no Jardim das Rosas (Brazil - Uniarthe dub)
Reptiles threaten the White House
Reptiles in the Rose Garden
Romanian Reptile în Grădina cu Trandafiri[1]
Reptiles in the Rose Garden
Spanish Reptiles en el Jardín de las Rosas
Reptiles in the Rose Garden


  • In the French dub, when Kootie Pie whines about having the US for her birthday, she says "L'amérique, l'amérique, je veux l'avoir, et je l'aurai!". This is a reference to Joe Dassin's title song.
  • The first German dub of the episode features a notable instance of harsh language in the franchise. When King Koopa announces to the Koopalings Kootie Pie's presents, Big Mouth refers to Kootie as a schlampe, a crude term referring to a sexually-promiscuous woman.
  • In some areas, this episode aired with "Up, Up, and a Koopa" at least once due to technical difficulties with a Captain N: The Game Master episode.[citation needed]


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