Never Koop a Koopa

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The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 episode
"Never Koop a Koopa"
Production number 112
Airdate September 22, 1990 (English)
October 11, 1991 (French)
Writer(s) Martha Moran
Opening curtain Dark Land
Featured song "Sizzle"
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"Never Koop a Koopa" is the sixth episode of The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3; it aired alongside another episode of The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 entitled "Princess Toadstool for President".


Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool and Toad are eating pasta for lunch outside Toad's house. When Mario looks around, bored, he is shocked when he sees King Koopa and the Koopalings walking towards them, holding a white flag. To the surprise of Mario and his friends, Koopa announces that he is giving up his evil ways and surrendering his kingdom, and is leaving the Mushroom Kingdom forever. To try and make up for all the misery that he has caused, he gives Princess Toadstool the key to Kastle Koopa as a donation to charity. Koopa then uses his magic wand to create a Warp Pipe which he and his kids exit through.

With the key to Kastle Koopa now in her hands, Princess Toadstool decides she can turn the place into a retirement home for elderly Mushrooms. Luigi warns Princess Toadstool that the whole ordeal is probably a trap, and tells her to just throw the key away. However, Princess Toadstool points out that the old people of her kingdom need a good home, and decides to visit Kastle Koopa right away. Mario tells Luigi that he will travel with Princess Toadstool to protect her, just to be safe. Princess Toadstool and Mario then head for the Warp Pipe to Dark Land, while Luigi and Toad follow along.

Mario and the princess greeted/shocked by a falling Dry Bones.

Upon unlocking the front door to Kastle Koopa, Princess Toadstool and Mario are greeted by a falling Dry Bones. Princess Toadstool figures that they just need to clean the place up a bit, but Mario, suspecting danger, decides to enter first. In the front hallway, Mario and Princess Toadstool pass by portraits of the Koopalings and King Koopa; the moving eyes of King Koopa's portrait freak Mario out. After Princess makes a remark about Koopa's portrait being the first thing to go, the front doors suddenly shut.

A Thwomp near the ceiling taunts Mario and Princess Toadstool, in which he then comes close to crushing them. Mario uses a plunger to stop the Thwomp from crushing them. Mario and Princess Toadstool run towards the other end of the hallway, dodging several more Thwomps. Two Ptooies come and attack Mario, but he deflects their balls with his plunger, allowing him and Princess Toadstool to slip past them. After running down a few more corridors, Mario and Princess Toadstool stop to count their steps, when a trapdoor opens beneath them, dropping them to the dungeon.

King Koopa laughing at Princess Toadstool.

Standing outside the door to the dungeon are King Koopa and Cheatsy. Koopa mocks his new guests, and Princess Toadstool comments that she never should have trusted him. Koopa tells Cheatsy that he is going to give him more lessons on lying and cheating, but his son does not hear him, as he is listening to a Walkman (which is ironically playing the underground theme). It is not until he pulls the headphones off of Cheatsy's head that Koopa gets his son's attention. He then tells Cheatsy to pay attention while he cons Princess Toadstool out of the Mushroom Kingdom. Koopa presents a contract to Princess Toadstool, but she refuses to sign it. To help get Princess Toadstool to change her mind, Koopa pulls a lever, releasing about 25 Bob-ombs into the dungeon. Knowing that Princess Toadstool and Mario are trapped with the Bob-ombs, he figures that they will surrender soon.

Luigi grabbing Toad.

Meanwhile, Luigi and Toad are waiting in a boat outside Kastle Koopa (possibly on the Mushroom Sea). Toad comments that Mario and Princess Toadstool have been inside too long, and that they should go and investigate. Luigi then points out that they have to sneak in through the drainpipe. Thinking that Luigi was being sarcastic, Toad is startled when Luigi gets ready to jump in the water, bringing him with him. Luigi manages to swim past several Bloobers, but only Toad notices the Boss Bass that is chasing them. As Luigi unscrews the grating on the drainpipe, Toad points out the Boss Bass to him, scaring him into unscrewing the grating faster. Luigi and Toad manage to enter the drainpipe right before the Boss Bass reaches them.

Back in the dungeon, Cheatsy mentions that he likes his father's "Big Bang" theory, and Koopa remarks that in order to be a big cheat, one needs to "double-trick, double-deal and double-cross." The double-cross bit gives Cheatsy an idea, but he keeps it to himself.

Luigi and Toad falling over from the Sledge Brothers's tremor.

In another part of the castle, Luigi and Toad enter through a manhole in the floor, only to be greeted by two Sledge Brothers. Luigi and Toad try to run away, but the Sledge Brothers pound the floor, causing them to fall over. Luigi and Toad are then caught and get thrown in the dungeon, just as the Sledge Brothers pull Princess Toadstool out.

Koopa tells Princess Toadstool that her friends will be blown up if she does not sign over the kingdom, and she agrees, on two conditions: one, that they move to the throne room, and two, that King Koopa puts on something formal to wear. Koopa tells Cheatsy to take Princess Toadstool to the throne room while he finds something to wear. Cheatsy then thanks him for his lesson in cheating, and his father says that one day he will be just as big a cheat as himself. As Koopa walks off, Cheatsy comments to himself that that day will be today, and orders the Sledge Brothers to take the prisoners to his bedroom, where Mario, Luigi and Toad get locked in his wardrobe. Cheatsy tells Princess Toadstool to sign the kingdom over to him, or else he will have her friends sent back to the dungeon with the Bob-ombs.

Cheatsy ecstatic that Princess Toadstool had "signed" the contract.

Princess Toadstool signs the contract and hands it over to Cheatsy, who gets so ecstatic over the whole deal that he runs off to tell his father that he double-crossed him. With Cheatsy gone, Princess Toadstool breaks a lamp, causing the Sledge Brothers to come running in. Princess Toadstool dodges their sledges, which hit and break open the wardrobe, freeing Mario, Luigi and Toad.

The four heroes run out of Cheatsy's bedroom dodging the attacks of the Sledge Brothers. As they continue down the hallway, they are attacked by two Fire Chomps. Mario and Luigi take care of the Fire Chomps by pushing them out a window, and they fall down into the water. Looking out the window, Toad comments that they would be free if they could fly. Toad's comment then gives Mario the idea to start bashing the blocks in the ceiling, in hope that he will find some Super Leaves.

King Koopa and Cheatsy shocked to see Mario and his friends escaping.

At the same time, Koopa enters the throne room wearing a red cape, but Cheatsy comes running in and sits down on the throne. Koopa yells at Cheatsy, but Cheatsy tells him that he is the new king of the Mushroom Kingdom. Cheatsy shows him the contract and takes his crown, telling him that he can get a job cleaning the royal stables, as a reward for giving him the idea to cheat in the first place. Having read the contract thoroughly, however, Koopa takes back his crown, and points out that Princess Toadstool had actually drawn a goofy face instead of actually signing the contract. Koopa claims that he will get Princess Toadstool to sign the contract properly, and asks Cheatsy where the prisoners are. Cheatsy tells him that they are locked in his bedroom, but they are both surprised to see Mario and his friends, all with Raccoon Power, flying outside the windows of the throne room. Unable to stop the good guys, Koopa starts growling at Cheatsy, who tells him that he was only doing bad like he taught him. Koopa then starts chasing Cheatsy around the throne in circles, telling him that he is "really going to teach him a lesson now."


Animation and continuity errors[edit]

  • When King Koopa says that he and his children are leaving the Mushroom Kingdom forever, Kootie Pie's face is completely brown.
  • When a Dry Bones lands in front of Princess Toadstool and Mario, part can be seen overlapping on a door.
  • Mario shouts "Look out! A Ptooie!", despite the fact that there are two of them. Similarly, when Luigi comes out of the drain, he says "Whoa! A Sledge Brother!", but there are actually two.
  • In one shot, one of King Koopa's shell's spike rings is colored light-green, like his shell's border.
  • The color on the Sledge Brothers briefly changes when Luigi and Toad look out through the manhole.
  • The color of the inside of King Koopa's cape changes from red to black between shots.
  • When Luigi is opening the grating, it briefly disappears.
  • When Toad panics over the Boss Bass underwater, Luigi's overalls are colored like Mario's.
  • When King Koopa goes through the Warp Pipe, only Kootie Pie and Hop follow him and not the other Koopalings.
  • The color of the Koopalings change numerous times, most notably, the skin on Cheatsy's face.
  • The opening curtain title screen used for this episode is Dark Land, but the Grass Land music is played with it.
  • Princess Toadstool's dress appears a light-blue briefly, as seen in the above image.
  • When King Koopa tells Cheatsy to pay more attention, Mario's mustache is brown. When Mario's group is flying outside the castle, the same thing happens.
  • When Toad and Luigi are running through the halls when the Sledge Brothers shake the floor, Toad's shoes are white, similar to an error in Too Hot to Handle.
  • In the scene when Luigi thinks King Koopa is up to mischief, Mario's eyes are completely black.
  • When the episode starts, Mario and Luigi's clothes are swapped.
  • When Mario eats his spaghetti, he is shown sucking it up into his mustache.
  • When the shot is on Luigi eating, Mario is frozen, but when it shows Mario eating, Luigi is frozen.
  • When Luigi is running to the warp pipe where the Princess and Mario are on top of, Toad does not appear to be following them.
  • When the Ptooies shoot a second ball at Mario, Mario appears to pass right through it.
  • The eyes on King Koopa's portrait face the screen, but when it zooms in closer, the eyes appear to be facing to the right.
  • After Luigi grabs Toad's arm in the boat, his sunglasses disappear.
  • When Toad says, "Us mushrooms get all gross and soggy and...", his mouth is not moving.
  • The Boss Bass appears small when it jumps out of the water, but its size increases significantly moments later.
  • In two shots, the locked-up cupboard in Cheatsy's room disappears, and also Mario's yelling stops. Also, when it reappears, the horns on it reappear as well.
  • At the end of the episode, when King Koopa is chasing Cheatsy around the throne, the latter disappears for a second.
  • When Mario notices King Koopa at the beginning of the episode, only Kootie Pie, Hop, and Bully are present.
    • In the same scene, the spaghetti in his bowl is shown, but when he says "Impastable!" the spaghetti is not there.
  • In the scene where King Koopa surrenders to Princess Toadstool, Mario is shown by her and Luigi is shown by Toad, but throughout the shots, they swap places.
  • When Princess Toadstool gasps about hearing that King Koopa and the Koopalings are leaving the Mushroom Kingdom, Toad is drawn with sclerae and Luigi's shirt is darker than normal.
  • After King Koopa gives the key to Kastle Koopa to Princess Toadstool, his shell colors are inverted.
  • When Mario and Princess Toadstool are in the hall, the Koopalings on the portraits are colored incorrectly throughout shots.
    • In the same scene, the screen is shown shaking.
  • When Mario is battling the Ptooies, the Ptooies only shoot one spike ball at Mario, but when they get knocked out of the room, two are shown.
  • There are several instances when objects flash different colors than the ones they are supposed to be.
  • When King Koopa is telling Cheatsy that he is going to give him more lessons when Mario and Princess Toadstool are in the dungeon, there is a glitch with his animation.
  • After not listening to King Koopa, King Koopa takes Cheatsy's Walkman away, but after the scene with Luigi and Toad getting into the castle, it reappears.
  • When Luigi and Toad get caught by the Sledge Brothers, part of Luigi's hat is blurred off.
  • When King Koopa tells Cheatsy that he is going to get ready, Princess Toadstool is not present.
  • When Princess Toadstool gives the contract to Cheatsy, Cheatsy's hands are colored like King Koopa's.
  • When Toad is standing on the windowsill, he is slightly taller than normal.
  • When Mario and Princess Toadstool are running from the Ptooies, Mario's mouth still moves after saying, "Some retirement home!" However, in the Spanish dub version, it is more fitting as he says her name after that sentence.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Dutch Bedonder nooit een Koopa Never cheat on a Koopa
French L'apprenti escroc The apprentice Crook
German Spukschloss Haunted Castle
Hungarian Koopa-kelepce Koopa-trap
Italian Un imbroglio per papà A trick for Dad
Portuguese (NOA) Nunca Traia o Rei Koopa (original dubbing)
Jamais Confie em um Koopa (re-dub)
Never Betray King Koopa
Never Trust a Koopa
Romanian Să nu Koopii un Koopa[1] Don't Koop a Koopa
Spanish Nunca koopaconfies en un Koopa (re-dub)
Nunca koopajugueis con una Koopa
Never koopatrust in a Koopa (re-dub)
Never koopaplay with a Koopa
Spanish (NOA) Nunca koopaconfies en un Koopa Never koopatrust in a Koopa


  • When Cheatsy puts King Koopa's crown on his head, his hair is divided in locks.


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