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The Bastille

The Bastille is a now-defunct prison located in Paris, France. In the series, Bowser captured the citadel and made it operational again to suit his purposes.

It appeared in The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 episode "Super Koopa". Bowser had managed to capture Mario, Luigi and a submarine captain, all of whom he threw into a cell in the Bastille, where a Sledge Bro guarded them.

Luigi attempted to dig out of the cell using a spoon, but was unsuccessful. Toad, having received a message from Princess Toadstool, put on a disguise to enter into the Bastille, so that he could sneak in a birthday cake to Mario and Luigi. Inside the cake was a Brick Block containing a Super Leaf, which Mario used to become Raccoon Mario. As Raccoon Mario, he was able to break out of the cell with his tail. Following the expulsion of Bowser from France, the Bastille presumably returned to its current status as a museum.