Crud Cannon

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Crud Cannon
King Koopa standing in front of his Crud Cannon
“New York, New York-- what a Koop of a town! Brooklyn is mine! Now to take Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx with my new Crud Cannon!”
Bowser, "Recycled Koopa"

The Crud Cannon is a weapon owned and presumably built by King Koopa. The cannon's purpose is to launch garbage over vast distances.

In The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 episode "Recycled Koopa", Koopa planned to mutate all of New York City, let alone the entire human race in the Real World, into Koopa Zombies, other creatures into his minions (e.g. seagulls into Paragoombas and fish into Spiny Cheep-Cheeps), and even statues into reasonable facsimiles of the evil king himself, such as the Statue of Liberty, through exposure to the Koopa trash the Koopalings dumped into Brooklyn. As Mario began mutating into a Koopa Zombie himself, Koopa employed the Crud Cannon from the safety of his Doomship to continue his dumping spree. After Luigi cleans the entire city with their Trash Smasher, turning the populace and Mario back to their original forms, he and Mario modify the Trash Smasher to make it flight capable and chase and scare Koopa and his Crud Cannon out of the city.