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Green Energy Plant researcher
The Green Energy Plant researcher from Paper Mario: Color Splash.
Species Toad
First appearance Paper Mario: Color Splash (2016)
“I apologize for the grabby introduction, but this is the Green Energy Plant. I normally research alternative sources of renewable energy here, but ironically the power is out...”
Green Energy Plant researcher, Paper Mario: Color Splash

The Green Energy Plant researcher (referred to as green Toad Science Guy, science guy, and simply Toad by Huey) is a character in Paper Mario: Color Splash. He resides in the Green Energy Plant, where he conducts research and occasionally enjoys himself in other such hobbies. As he phrases it, he normally researches alternative sources of renewable energy. This process is interrupted by a power outage, though it is quickly resolved.

When Huey approaches the door to the plant to knock, the researcher suddenly pulls him in. When Mario enters the plant, he finds Huey is now in a claw's grip. The researcher reassures him, calling it a Science Claw, explaining he was trying to get energy out of him. He introduces himself and explains his procedures, as well as mentioning a Mini Paint Star flying into the monitor and knocking out all of the power. He asks Mario to restore the power so he may continue his research and play with his Science Claw.

Once the electricity has been recovered, the researcher repositions himself on the other side of the monitor, which he explains is still acting up, projecting unusual images. He informs Mario and Huey he has recently been experimenting their influence on brain activity, and that it is merely quite satisfying. Once the Mini Paint Star has been taken out of the monitor, the researcher states he believes it is due to the high definition. He thanks Mario for having solved the problem, and while slightly disappointed that he cannot research it anymore, suspects that life itself is a mystery.

During the interlude/dance sequence following the return of the green Big Paint Star, the researcher appears on the west side of the plaza, moonwalking next to his chair and Science Claw.


  • "Oh, ho, ho! Death Claw? Not to worry. That's just a Science Claw, friend!"
  • "I apologize for the grabby introduction, but this is the Green Energy Plant."
  • "I normally research alternative sources of renewable energy here, but ironically the power is out..."
  • "No power? Oh, at first glance I thought for sure you were some sort of robot."
  • "Well, I thought you were either a robot...or a can of cat food. Either was a big win for me."
  • "Anyway, I used my last bit of power to grab you with this claw."
  • "Yes, that's exactly what happened! Only I haven't been able to reset it like usual."
  • "It was so strange. I saw something that appeared to be a shooting star..."
  • "It blasted through the window and went INTO this monitor somehow."
  • "After that, the breaker tripped and everything went dark."
  • "Oh, ho, ho! Of course not! Weren't you listening to anything I said? I don't have any power!"
  • "Of course, you're welcome to look around my laboratory a bit, if you think you can figure something out..."
  • "It would be fantastic if you could fix the power for me. My research awaits!"
  • " be honest...I want to play with my Science Claw."
  • "That's the monitor I'm studying right now. I want to continue my research as soon as possible!"
  • "Guys! You did it! The electricity is back on!"
  • "Ah, yes! My latest experiment. I've been measuring brain activity in response to these ancient images."
  • "I can't make heads or tails of them, but they seem to make a lot of people quite happy."
  • "Isn't it fascinating how the images seem to scroll from side to side? And look at all of those platforms!"
  • "That shooting star came out all of a sudden! This must be one of those new high-def 3D monitors."
  • "Mario, with your help, I've finally solved all of the mysteries contained within this monitor!"
  • "Of course, I'm a little sad that I won't be staying up all night researching anymore..."
  • "But perhaps there are more bleepy bloopy mysteries out there in the universe. Perhaps life itself is one big bleepy bloopy mystery..."