Ruddy Road

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Ruddy Road
PMCS RuddyRoad01.png

House of a Toad living in Ruddy Road, painted by Mario.

How to access Obtain the red Mini Paint Star from Port Prisma
Paint Stars MiniRedPaintStarIcon.pngMiniBluePaintStarIcon.png
Colorless spots 39
Things PMCS FireExtinguisherThing.png
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Ruddy Road is a location from Paper Mario: Color Splash. The path leading here is unlocked after getting the red Mini Paint Star from either Port Prisma or Daffodil Peak, and will unlock paths to Cherry Lake and Indigo Underground. The captain of the Purple Rescue Squad can be found here. The Fire Extinguisher Thing can also be found here.


Ruddy Road is a basic grassland, as it contains various patches of flowers, trees, and bushes, with various houses being seen in the background. It also houses a Toad-owned café appropriately named Ruddy Road Café, which sells Hearty Latte for 70 coins and Prisma Juice for 120 coins. Ruddy Road contains two Mini Paint Stars: one red and one blue. The red one can be collected on the first play of the level, after forcing the Paint Guy to repaint it, and then stomping the Shy Guys that rolled up the road immediately after. The blue Mini Paint Star (along with Fire Extinguisher Thing) can only be obtained after saving all four purple Rescue Squad members, who will make a staircase for Mario.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ベニーロード
Benī Rōdo
Benī Road, from べに beni, an alternate reading of kurenai, which means deep red
Spanish Senda Escarlata Scarlet Road
French (NOA) Route Écarlate Scarlet Road
French (NOE) Route écarlate Scarlet Road
Dutch Rode Pad Red Path
German Papieroni-Pfad Papieroni Path. "Papieroni" is a pun on Papier (paper) and Pepperoni (red pepper).
Italian Via Scarlatta Scarlet Road
Portuguese Estrada Rosada Pink Road
Russian Турмалиновая тропа
Turmalinovaya tropa
Tourmaline Path