Ruddy Road

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Ruddy Road
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House of a Toad living in Ruddy Road.

How to access Obtain the red Mini Paint Star from Port Prisma
Paint Stars MiniRedPaintStarIcon.pngMiniBluePaintStarIcon.png
Colorless spots 39
Things PMCS FireExtinguisherThing.png
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“Have you been everywhere on Ruddy Road? Down each path all the way to the end? Be honest with yourself, Mario.”
Huey, Paper Mario: Color Splash

Ruddy Road is a location from Paper Mario: Color Splash. The path leading here is unlocked after getting the red Mini Paint Star from either Port Prisma or Daffodil Peak, and will unlock paths to Cherry Lake and Indigo Underground. The captain of the purple Rescue Squad can be found here. The Fire Extinguisher Thing can also be found here.


Ruddy Road is the first level in the game, and is unlocked after Mario collects the red Mini Paint Star from Port Prisma. Shortly after entering the level, Mario encounters a house with large parts of it unpainted. If he paints it all in, many Toads exit, having hid in the house to escape a Shy Guy. Mario can enter the house and talk to a Toad inside a bureau for an Ice Flower card. Outside the house, Mario can hammer four posts for a large blob of paint. Continuing east, Mario and Huey encounter a group of five red Slurp Guys. After Mario defeats them, two Paint Guys run off with cans of red paint. Mario can go south and then west to catch another Slurp Guy.

If Mario takes the upper path the the east, he meets the Purple Rescue Squad captain, who needs Mario to find three squad members so they can get up a cliff. Once Mario has found the three members, being located at Bloo Bay Beach, Daffodil Peak, and Sunglow Ridge, he must jump on them to create a staircase. He can climb up and collect the blue Mini Paint Star, which leads to Indigo Underground, and the Fire Extinguisher Thing.

If Mario takes the lower path to the east, Huey sees a Mini Paint Star and gets excited. When Mario attempts to get it, Huey notices that its color has been sucked out. Another Paint Guy runs away, and by following it, Mario passes through the Ruddy Road Café. He must hammer a sign depicting a Shy Guy, causing it to jump off the sign and pick up its paint bucket, offering to repaint the Mini Paint Star if Mario takes him to it.

When back at the Mini Paint Star, the Paint Guy repaints it. If Mario goes to collect it, Shy Guys pop up from below the ground and start rolling up Ruddy Road, while Mario must run away and dodge falling debris. At the end, a Shy Guy uses Bowser Tape to stick the road to the ground. The café owner asks Mario to flatten the road, which he can do by going around and peeling the tape, then walking on and hammering the road. When he reaches the end of the road, Mario can crush the Shy Guys that initially rolled it up. He can then collect the red Mini Paint Star, which unlocks Cherry Lake.

If Mario returns to Ruddy Road and talks to the owner of the Ruddy Road Café, the Toad who works at the Prisma Café visits the café and asks if he would like to switch positions. He then gives Mario an Ice Flower card before the Ruddy Road Café owner leaves to work at Port Prisma.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ベニーロード
Benī Rōdo
Benī Road, from べに beni, an alternate reading of kurenai, which means deep red
Spanish Senda Escarlata Scarlet Road
French (NOA) Route Écarlate Scarlet Road
French (NOE) Route écarlate Scarlet Road
Dutch Rode Pad Red Path
German Papieroni-Pfad Papieroni Path. "Papieroni" is a pun on Papier (paper) and Pepperoni (red pepper).
Italian Via Scarlatta Scarlet Road
Portuguese Estrada Rosada Pink Road
Russian Турмалиновая тропа
Turmalinovaya tropa
Tourmaline Path