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Ruddy Road
The Prisma Café at Ruddy Road
“Is this that café with the really overrated coffee? Can't wait to waste my hard-earned coins on it!”
Shy Guy, Paper Mario: Color Splash

Prisma Cafés are a branch of restaurants in Paper Mario: Color Splash. Individual locations are at Port Prisma, Ruddy Road, Bloo Bay Beach, Fort Cobalt, and the Roshambo Temples. A similar café called Mustard Café sells mustard-themed, yet otherwise identical, items. Toads, Shy Guys, and Snifits appear as customers. Prisma Cafés have a sign overhead depicting a Toad, coffee cup, knife, and fork.


Prisma Café
The menu of the Prisma Café at Port Prisma.

Port Prisma[edit]

In Port Prisma, the Prisma Café is found at the far left of the blue district. Two Toads are customers here, one drinking coffee and the other reading Prisma Times. A red Toad is the barista, and is afraid of straws due to Slurp Guys attacking Port Prisma. The only two menu items at this Prisma Café are the Hearty Latte, which costs 70 coins and restores Mario's HP, and Prisma Juice, which costs 120 coins and refills all of Mario's paint.

Ruddy Road[edit]

Ruddy Road's Prisma Café is ruined after being rolled up by Shy Guys. The Port Prisma café owner switches places with the owner of the Ruddy Road location, wanting a café that is run-down and without many customers. The café has an upside-down sign and no customers. Hearty Lattes and Prisma Juice can be purchased here.

Bloo Bay Beach[edit]

A slightly different Prisma Café appears at Bloo Bay Beach. Its sign depicts a Toad with a tropical drink and Hawaiian flowers, and its owner is a red Toad wearing sunglasses. Two Toads and a Slurp Guy appear waiting in line, and one of the Five Fun Guys hides in the café during Toad and Go Seek. No items can be purchased from this Prisma Café, though the owner of the café can still be talked to.

Fort Cobalt[edit]

The Prisma Café in Fort Cobalt is found after the electrified fence area. It is the only café that sells Magma Burgers, which cost 200 coins. Additionally, buying one results in a "Booyah Meal" bonus of a free Fishing Pole. The customers are four red Shy Guys, along with two who have been reduced to ash due to the heat of Magma Burgers. This café's menu includes Hearty Lattes, Prisma Juice, and a 100,000 coin option labeled "Special." Buying the special does not cost Mario any money, and instead leads the barista Toad to reveal that the café is secretly a front to get information on the enemy's plan; if Ludwig has not been defeated, he hints towards Tail cards being helpful against him.

Mustard Café[edit]

Mustard Café has a green, sunglasses-wearing Toad as its chef. Due to the Toad spending most of his time lounging around, the café has a high wait time, and multiple Snifits are seen standing in line. After the purple Big Paint Star is obtained from Fortune Island, it colors in the sinkhole the chef is resting in. Once he is rescued, he opens up the café for Mario and the Snifits. Versions of the Hearty Latte and Prisma Juice, called the Mustard Latte and Mustard Juice, are sold here for their regular prices. The menu also lists an item called "Chef's Star" for 0 coins, and "buying" it results in the chef showing his Mini Paint Star to Mario.

Roshambo Temples[edit]

A Prisma Café can be found at each Roshambo Temple. They do not have a sign, and are indicated by a green overhang. These cafés are operated by red Toads and sell Hearty Lattes and Prisma Juice.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Caffetteria Prisma
Prisma Bar/Café
Russian Кафе "Цветоморское"

Prisma Café

Spanish (NOA) Café Prisma
Prisma Café
Spanish (NOE) Café Prisma
Prisma Café