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This article is about the foreman at Toad Trainworks. For the foreman at the demolition site in Wrecking Crew, see Foreman Spike.
Not to be confused with Forebear.
Toad Trainworks from Paper Mario: Color Splash
Species Toad
First appearance Paper Mario: Color Splash (2016)
“Nothing wrong with taking the easy victories when they come, y'know? Course, there's always satisfaction in completing those big, tough jobs that always come around... But lately, I've been thinking that sometimes it's OK for things to end on a whimper.”
Foreman, Paper Mario: Color Splash

The foreman is a green Toad that appears in Paper Mario: Color Splash. He is the foreman at Toad Trainworks.

When Mario speaks to the foreman, he tells him that he plans on retiring after his next job. When Huey asks him if he has seen any Mini Paint Stars, the foreman lets them take one that is in the Toad Trainworks. Huey is shocked that all he had to do to get the Mini Paint Star was talking to the foreman, and the foreman tells him that there is nothing wrong with taking easy victories when they come.

When the Sunset Express comes to Toad Trainworks after it is crushed by a Thwomp, the foreman says that it is a perfect last job, though he can't do any repairs because enemies are attacking the trainworks. Huey decides to help him as thanks for giving them the Mini Paint Star earlier. The foreman tells them that every part of the train has been repaired, and all they have to do is put them in the correct spots.

The foreman will announce whenever a part is set in the correct place, and he will also say how many parts still need to be set. When all of the parts are set and his employees return to him, he says that the train should run as well as it did before it was crushed. His employees toss him into the air as a sign of gratitude, but when he says that it couldn't have been done without Mario and Huey, they toss them into the air instead. When the train leaves, he gives Mario a Replica Card. He then officially retires and thanks his employees for the good memories. He tells Mario that he is going to stay in the trainworks for a while to cement the memories into his heart. The foreman is also shown during the "This Here's Paint Country!" dance, appearing to give an order to two green Toads dancing nearby.

After the Sunset Express conductor decides against decommissioning the Sunset Express, the foreman sends Mario a letter saying that he has decided to postpone his retirement and continue his work at the trainworks.


Dear Mario,

This is the foreman from Toad Trainworks. As you know, I was gonna retire after repairing that train engine. The thing is, I fixed it up so good, the Toads upstairs decided to keep the Sunset Express on the tracks! Which got me thinking—maybe now's not the time for me to retire. If that old hunk of junk can stay on the tracks, so can I! And so can you, Mario. Never give up.

- The Foreman


  • "Welcome to Toad Trainworks. We work on engines and big train cars here...sometimes. I've been the foreman here since you were knee high to a toadstool, but there ain't been much work lately. Yeah, I'm thinking it may be time to hang it up. I'll probably retire after my next job."
  • "Paint Stars? I don't think so... Not unless that weird star made of paint over there is a Paint Star..."
  • "Here you go. Go on—take it. I got no use for it."
  • "Life is rough enough as it is. Nothing wrong with taking the easy victories when they come, y'know? Course, there's always satisfaction in completing those big, tough jobs that always come around... But lately, I've been thinking that sometimes it's OK for things to end on a whimper. As if I had a choice..."
  • "Go ahead and take the Paint Star. I know you kids love your laser-light dog-and-pony shows, but it doesn't all have to be so complicated."
  • "How's that Paint Star treating you? Same old, same old 'round here... Just holding out until retirement."
  • "Boy, am I glad to see you, Mario. You'll never guess what happened... We got an order. A real order! An engine needs repairing. It's just so perfect for my last job! But these hooligans are...oh, how do you kids say it...? All up in our biz, so now we can't do any repairs! And repairs is my biz! I'm a lover and a fixer, but I've never been much of a fighter. Think you could help us out?"
  • "We've already repaired or replaced all of the train's parts. Now we just have to put the parts in the right places! I know it won't be easy to do while you're fending off these lug nuts, but you're Mario, right? Talk to me if you want to get a status update, OK? I'm always happy to help."
  • "There are six parts that need to be set. Each part has a Toad in charge of it, so listen closely to what they've got to say!"
  • "Still five parts that need to be set. Lot left to do, so hop to it!"
  • "Still four parts that need to be set. Get a move on!"
  • "Still three more parts to be set! I'm not payin' you to stand around! In fact, I ain't payin' you at all!"
  • "Just two more parts that need to be set! If you got time to lean, you got time to... get those last two parts!"
  • "Only one more part that needs to be set! You're so,, so, so...very very, just, you can almost taste it close! HURRY! GO!"
  • "You're down to the last part that needs to be set! I got a feeling it's not quite shut!"
  • "I think we're almost ready to roll... But one of the engineers is still missing!"
  • "Go ahead and refer to the chart over there on that wall."
  • "Smokestack set!"
  • "Coal car set!"
  • "Coal set!"
  • "Boiler set!"
  • "Cabin set!"
  • "Lid set!"
  • "All parts accounted for! Repairs complete!"
  • "At a glance, the train doesn't look no different, but all of the parts have been overhauled and tuned up. Should run just as well as it did before it was crushed. Hope that I can say the same about myself, seein' as how me and this train seemed to be connected to each other!"
  • "One last run... Give it everything you've got, engine."
  • "This is all thanks to you, Mario, so please take this."
  • "Right. Gather round, boys."
  • "This is the end for me. I'm officially retiring now. Thanks for all the good memories."
  • "I'm going to stay and soak in this trainworks for a while. Try to cement these memories in my heart... But unlike me, your work isn't over yet. You've got a bright future ahead of you. Enjoy it. It goes so fast..."
  • "What are you waitin' for, son? Go find that Mini Paint Star."
  • "I'm happy that I retired, but I have no idea what I should do now. Something passionate and exciting, maybe... Yeah, I like that..."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Ingegnere capo
Chief engineer
Portuguese Engenheiro-Chefe
Head Engineer