Informant Snifit

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Informant Snifit
The Blue Snifit sprite from Paper Mario: Color Splash.
Species Snifit
First appearance Paper Mario: Color Splash (2016)
“Got some good stuff here... How's 1000 coins sound?”
Informant Snifit, Paper Mario: Color Splash

The Informant Snifit[1] is a character in Paper Mario: Color Splash. He is a passive blue Snifit situated outside Cobalt Base. If Mario talks to him, he offers to give him something for 1,000 coins. If Mario accepts and pays up, the Snifit gives him a total of thirty Battle Cards. All of these cards are likely to be used during the Snifit or Whiffit challenges, so they are recommended by the Snifit. After Mario purchases his cards, the Snifit tells Mario not to reveal where he got them from, revealing his business may not entirely be allowed.

If Mario does not have enough coins, the Snifit does not give him the cards. If Mario buys the cards but does not have enough space in his inventory, the Snifit tells him to make room for at least thirty cards. If Mario tries to leave the level right after purchasing the card, the Snifit informs him they will be of no use to him otherwise.

After Mario has purchased the cards once, the Snifit lowers the price to 500 coins per deck for future purchases. Furthermore, if Mario has entered the bonus round, he enables an option to buy a special deck of cards for 2,000 coins. Likewise, all of these cards are needed for the bonus round.

Host Snifit hesitantly refers to the Informant Snifit as one of the show's sponsors. If Mario has less than 21 cards and tries to play, Host Snifit refers him to the Informant Snifit's services.


  • "Hey, pal."
  • "You buyin'?"
  • "Got some good stuff here... How's 1000 coins sound?"
  • "Got a lotta good cards here... I call it the Complete Set. 1000 for the lot, cool?"
  • "Got some real good stuff here. I'll give you a deal. How 'bout 500 coins?"
  • "Got some real good stuff here. I call it the Complete Set. 500 for the lot, cool?"
  • "Got some good stuff here. Which one ya want?"
  • "Thanks. And you didn't get 'em from me."
  • "Also, the correct answers will change if you leave the course, making those cards I sold you pretty useless."
  • "Huh? Listen, pal, you got too many cards right now to carry any more. This is a cool pack of 30 cards, so make some room if you want 'em."
  • "You can't cheat a cheater, pal. Come back when you got the cash."
  • "Really? You're gonna regret it if you don't get this stuff."
  • "Whatever, pal. You'll be back."
  • "I'm all out for today. Come back some other time."
  • "You got a whole mess of cards."
  • "Hey, pal! If you leave here, the Snifit or Whiffit answers will change, making those cards I sold you pretty useless."
  • "Hey, pal! If you leave, those cards I sold you will be pretty worthless. Just sayin'."
  • "Yo! Stache face! You just gonna waltz right in there? Whatever. Your funeral."
  • "Psst. I got a set with ALL the cards you need for the bonus stage. And that's not even the best part. Buy my cards, and you get to START right at the bonus stage. It's a bargain at just 2000 coins..."
  • "Doin' a special today, so it'll be half price. 500 smackers."
  • "Card set that contains all of the correct Snifit or Whiffit answers. 1000 coins."
  • "Thanks. I'll let my guys on the inside know, so just play it cool."
  • "Just choose these cards in order from right to left, and you'll definitely get everything...right. It'll cost ya 2000 coins."
  • "So, you didn't whiff it. Well played, pal."


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