Shady Sledge Bro

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Color Splash Enemy
Shady Sledge Bro
PMCS Shady Sledge Bro.png
Location(s) Dark Bloo Inn, Vortex Island
Type Shelled
HP 75
Attack 16
Defense 1
Strong None
Weak None
Paint Yellow, Green
Cards Type



Usual: "I got this! Y'all hang back!" ~ "No mercy!" ~ "Don't go runnin' nowhere!" ~ "Oi! Oi!" ~ "I hit hard!" ~ "Those socks were so comfy!" ~ "So cold..." ~ "Avert your eyes!"

“Here, leave this to me, fellas.”
Shady Sledge Bro, Paper Mario: Color Splash

Shady Sledge Bro battle.

A Shady Sledge Bro is a sunglasses-wearing Sledge Bro in the Wii U game Paper Mario: Color Splash; two of them appear in the game. Despite their appearance, they fight like most other Sledge Bros. do, by jumping on Mario and throwing sledgehammers at him.

The first one is the leader of a Shy Guy, a Koopa Troopa and a Spike. He sent the Shy Guy to steal "it" and wanted to ride "it" before his passing. After his defeat, his horrified minions fled from Mario and left "it" behind.

The second Shady Sledge Bro later appears on Parallel Vortex Island as part of a long line of enemies that appear after Mario squeezes the washing machine Thing Card and eliminates the whirlpool. He complains about his laundry that was lost in the process, then proceeds to fight Mario.