Hammers (team)

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The Hammers are a group in Leaping Lizards. They are a team participating in the International Mushroom Games alongside the Royals, Koopas, and Sneaks. They consist of six Sledge Brothers, one of which is notable Angus Boomer. Angus participates during the obstacle course, the entire team participates during Beetlebowl, and the entire team bows out of the Super Triple Jump as they realize that their legs are too short to jump properly. Their placement throughout the competition can depend on Luigi's choices:

  • Obstacle course – either second place (if Luigi runs the event) or disqualified (if either Mario or Princess Toadstool runs the event)
  • Beetlebowl – either first place (if Luigi and Toadstool dunk) or third place (if Mario, Luigi, and Toadstool dunk, or if Mario and Luigi defend)
  • Fungus Lift – second place
  • Super Triple Jump – disqualified