Small Hammer Bro

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Color Splash Enemy
Small Hammer Bro
PMCS Small Hammer Bro.png
Location(s) Sacred Forest
Type Shelled
HP 64
Attack 5
Strong None
Weak None
Cards Type D
PMCS Hammer Bro Card.png

Usual: "I'm a growing Hammer Bro." ~ "I can still hit you from down here!" ~ "I'll give it my best!" ~ "Hey, down here!"

Dropped Items
Hammer Scraps
Red Paint
Yellow Paint
Blue Paint
Orange Paint
Green Paint
Purple Paint

Small Hammer Bros. (which are actually regular-sized Hammer Bros. enchanted by Kamek) appear in Paper Mario: Color Splash in the Sacred Forest. Only two make an appearance in the game. They both ambush Mario after he repairs the blue Mini Paint Star. Small Hammer Bros. attack by throwing their hammers, just like normal Hammer Bros., though sometimes the attack will not reach Mario.