Five Fun Guys

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Five Fun Guys
Five Fun Guys.png
Species Toads
First appearance Paper Mario: Color Splash (2016)

The Five Fun Guys are a quintuplet of green Toads who appear in the game, Paper Mario: Color Splash in the level of Bloo Bay Beach during the Oceanfest event. The Five Fun Guys' troupe name is a pun on "fungi", the plural of the word "fungus".


They, along with their manager, usually host two games that determine if someone is worthy enough to enter Blissful Beach, something that no one has ever won before Mario and Huey had come along. Their first challenge is a game called "Toad-and-Go Seek", which is basically a Hide-and-Seek game and the second one known as "Toad Shuffle". Mario finds them, in the first challenge, in the following places:

  • Up a palm tree nearby the platform.
  • Hidden nearby the tree, in a sandcastle.
  • In the juice bar, hidden behind the manager of the aforementioned bar.
  • Buried up to the neck, just next to the giant clam.
  • Inside the giant clam.

After this challenge, they next perform the "Toad Shuffle", where the rules are to track one of the quintuplets who happens to hold the key to the gate of Blissful Beach. Following their manager giving the one with a crease the key and shuffling around, Mario then picks the one he is certain has the key only to come up empty-handed. This event is actually rigged so that the player always loses, as the Toad who has the key in his hand will suddenly pass it to another Toad, which Mario manages to prove by painting the Toad who has the key any color, have the manager shuffle the five again, talk to the one that was marked, only for that Toad to give it to the neighboring one.

In return for Mario's silence so that they won't be "scandalized by the media", they surrender the key to Blissful Beach. If Mario and Huey decide to relax on the beach before proceeding to the miniature Yellow Paint Star, the five show up and they dance while Mario and Huey rest.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Dutch Toffe Toads Cool Toads
Italian Quintet Toad Quintet Toads


  • Despite the fact the group look the same, apart from one Toad that is slightly creased in the corner, they are not related by blood. They, however, claim to be identical quintuplets.
  • One of the Toads mentions that Mario knows about the Angry Sun, a reference to Super Mario Bros. 3.