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!? Block from Paper Mario: Color Splash.
An Unfurl Block
“Where there's an Unfurl Block, there's always an Unfurl Mark nearby.”
Huey, Paper Mario: Color Splash

An Unfurl Block (also called a !? Block)[1] is a block that appears in Paper Mario: Color Splash. It looks similar to a ? Block, but it is red and has a "!?" symbol instead of a "?" When hit by a jump or a hammer, it temporarily turns gray and turns Mario's hammer into the Unfurl Hammer. While the hammer is in this form, Mario appears to be made out of foil. Certain objects, marked with an Unfurl Mark, react to being hit with the Unfurl Hammer, such as logs turning into bridges.

The Unfurl ability lasts 20 seconds; when the time runs out, the Unfurl Block turns back to normal and can be used again. Any enemies that are first-struck with the Unfurl Hammer are defeated without going into battle. If Mario does enter a battle, or if he is hit by an enemy's projectile, the Unfurl ability is lost. The Unfurl Block first appears at Daffodil Peak and reappears in Sunglow Ridge, the Golden Coliseum, Lighthouse Island, Fortune Island, Toad Trainworks, and Sunset Express.

A colorless Unfurl Block appears in the parallel world of Lighthouse Island. In the normal world, it exists as a ? Block atop a staircase. If Mario paints the ? Block, the corresponding Unfurl Block is repainted. When Mario steps on its platform in the parallel world, it recedes deeper into a cave, revealing an Ice Bro ambush. Mario must hit the block and unfurl a barrel to create a bridge.

In Toad Trainworks, the Sunset Express's coal car holds an Unfurl Block. After Mario defeats the Coal Guys and fills the car with coal, the Unfurl Block is buried and unable to be used again. In Sunset Express, a Toad sits atop an Unfurl Block and does not allow Mario to hit it until he investigates the rockslide stopping the train. The Toad moves off the Unfurl Block after Mario returns.


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese テンカイブロック
Tenkai Burokku
Unfold Block

Dutch Uitvouwblok
Unfold Block
French (NOE) Bloc de dépliage
Unfold block
German Entfaltungs-Block
Unfold Block
Italian Blocco !?
!? Block
Spanish (NOA) Bloque desdoble
Unfold Block
Spanish (NOE) Bloque de desdoble
Unfold Block


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