Unfurl Block

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An Unfurl Block.

An Unfurl Block is a block that appears in Paper Mario: Color Splash. It looks similar to a ? Block, but it is red and has a "!?" symbol instead of a "?". When hit by jumping or a hammer, it temporarily turns gray and turns Mario's hammer into the Unfurl Hammer. While the hammer is in this form, Mario appears to be made out of foil. Objects hit with this hammer will transform into other objects, such as logs turning into bridges. The Unfurl ability lasts 20 seconds; when the time runs out, the Unfurl Block turns back to normal and can be used again. The Unfurl ability does not carry to another area. Any enemies attacked during the transformation will be defeated without going into battle.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese テンカイブロック
Tenkai Burokku
Unfold Block
Spanish (NOE) Bloque de desdoble Unfold Block
Dutch Uitvouwblok Unfold Block
German Entfaltungs-Block Unfold Block