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Several blue Push-Blocks in the secret area

Push-Blocks are Bomp-like protruding platforms that appear in the Cap Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. They constantly alternate between moving inwards and outwards from the wall, and they are used both as pushing obstacles and as platforms. Two appear along the top of Top-Hat Tower, leading to a platform with a door to a large secret area, itself full of Push-Blocks. Despite being called blocks, they are not all rectangular; one in particular is somewhat L-shaped and has an alcove with a hidden Power Moon in it.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese でっぱり壁
Deppari Kabe
Protrusion Wall
Spanish Bloque móvil Mobile Block
French Mur aux couliss Sliding Wall
Dutch Schuifblok Sliding Block
German Schiebeblöcke Sliding-Block
Italian Blocco a spinta Push Block
Russian Выдвижной блок
Vydvizhnoy blok
Retractable Block