Beach Volleyball (Super Mario Odyssey)

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BeachVolleyball SuperMarioOdyssey.png
“You simply must try Beach Volleyball in the Seaside Kingdom. Pure joy!”
Bubblainian, Super Mario Odyssey

Beach Volleyball is a minigame that appears in Super Mario Odyssey. It takes place in the Seaside Kingdom near the Beach House and involves hitting a Cheep Cheep beach ball back at the Coach on the opposite side of the court. The minigame starts off slow, but speeds up after every two hits until fifty hits where it stops speeding up. To hit the ball, Mario or Cappy must simply touch it, with Cappy himself suggesting throwing him at the ball during the minigame. It is also possible to spike the ball by throwing Cappy at it while it is in the air. The game tracks how many times the ball has been successfully hit back and uses it as a score. If the ball hits the ground and Mario fails to hit it into the air in time, it counts as a "MISS" and he has to restart the minigame at zero hits. However, there is a split second where the ball bounces slightly before landing, allowing Mario to hit it without it counting as a "MISS". There are two Power Moons that Mario can obtain from this minigame, one for hitting the ball fifteen times and another for hitting the ball one hundred times. The game also has an online leaderboard.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ビーチバレー
Bīchi Barē
Beach Volleyball

Chinese 沙滩排球 (Simplified)
沙灘排球 (Traditional)
Shātān páiqiú
Beach Volleyball

French Beach-volley
Italian Beach volley
Beach Volley
Russian Пляжный волейбол
Plyazhnyy voleybol
Beach Volleyball

Spanish Vóley-playa
Beach Volleyball


  • It is possible to go through the net.[1]