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Chincho Icon SMO.png
First appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)
Latest appearance Minecraft: New Nintendo 3DS Edition (2018)
Parent species Tostarenan
A group of Chinchos.

A Chincho is an undead enemy species encountered in Super Mario Odyssey; they can be found in the Sand Kingdom, Wooded Kingdom, Seaside Kingdom, Ruined Kingdom, and Mushroom Kingdom. They are short, mummy-type enemies, with a skull for a head, and their eyes in the shape of stars; as such, they are undead dark purple Tostarenans, as proven by their Japanese name, despite already being skeletal. They appear mainly in dark areas such as sub-areas, so they generally are not present during the daytime. They will rise out from underneath the ground, usually in large groups. To defeat them, Mario must jump on them; if they only receive a hit from Cappy, they are stunned shortly and reheal the damage after a short time. They can also be defeated if charged at while riding Jaxi, or capturing a Chargin' Chuck.

The enemy appears in the Knucklotec rematch in the Mushroom Kingdom. They appear from the ground when Knucklotec launches his fist at Mario.

Concept and creation[edit]

Concept art of the final design of a Chincho.

The Chinchos were designed with slightly different eyes compared to those of the Tostarenans.[1] The concept art reveals that they are meant to be dark purple-colored Tostarenans covered by bandages.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 古代アッチーニャ人[2]
Kodai Acchīnya-jin
Ancient Tostarenan
Italian Bendalito Combination of "Benda" (Bandage) and an ancient greek word "Lytós" meaning "Decomporsi" (Decompose)
Russian Чинчо
Korean 미라


  • In the Super Mario Mash-Up Pack in Minecraft, Drowned are replaced by Chinchos.