RC Car

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Not to be confused with Mini-Car.
RC Car
The RC Car capture icon.
First appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)
An RC Car in Super Mario Odyssey
A New Donker playing with an RC Car in the Metro Kingdom

An RC Car (also called a Remote Control Car) is a type of car that appears in Super Mario Odyssey, resembling the Checker Marathon. RC Cars appear in the Metro Kingdom, where Mario must first capture a New Donker in order to control them. RC Cars appear to be miniature remote-controlled versions of the taxis seen throughout the Metro Kingdom. Mario must drive an RC Car into a Power Moon in order to collect it. RC Cars also appear in the RC Car Challenge, where the player must complete three laps on a track in 35 seconds or less to receive a Power Moon and then again post-game where the player must complete three laps of the same track in 26 seconds or less.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミニカー
Chinese 迷你小车 (Simplified)
Mínǐ xiǎo chē
迷你車 (Traditional)
Mínǐ chē
Mini Car
Dutch Radiografisch bestuurbare auto Radio-controlled car
French Voiture téléguidée Remote-controlled car
German RC-Auto RC Car
Italian Macchina radiocomandata Radio-controlled car
Russian Радиоуправляемая машинка
Radioupravlyayemaya mashinka
Radio-controlled car
Spanish (NOA) Coche a control remoto Remote-control car
Spanish (NOE) Coche teledirigido Remote-controlled car