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“Heh heh! So what if you stopped da weddin'? Ya can't stop ME. Ya can't stop ANY of us Broodals. Come on-let's see ya try!”
Topper, Super Mario Odyssey
SMO Broodals paper.png
Spewart, Topper, Rango, and Hariet of the Broodals
Leader Topper (client relations),[1] Madame Broode (boss)
Hariet (pyrotechnics)
Rango (bouncer)
Spewart (entertainer)
First appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)

The Broodals are a group of villainous anthopomorphic rabbits who double as wedding planners in Super Mario Odyssey. They all wear fancy clothing, which is color-coded between each of them, and have dark eyelids. They are led by Topper,[1] while Madame Broode, a massive, morbidly obese rabbit in a red dress and hat, is their boss (though she is never seen with them). The members are Hariet, a small female Broodal with a purple dress who uses bombs and is responsible for pyrotechnics, Rango, a tall and lanky Broodal clad in suspenders and a yellow hat who acts as the group's bouncer, Spewart, a crude, poison-spewing Broodal in blue that vaguely resembles Morton Koopa Jr. and acts as the group's entertainer, and Topper, a squat, round Broodal who attacks with his green hats and is responsible for the group's client relations. The Broodals are seen riding around in an airship with Madame Broode's face as a figurehead. They hail from the Dark Side of the Moon, specifically a location known as Rabbit Ridge.

Bowser hires them to plan his wedding to Princess Peach. However, Mario then tries to stop them, battling them throughout the game's many kingdoms. When he reaches Bowser's Kingdom, they attack him in a giant robot called RoboBrood. However, Mario defeats their machine, causing it to launch into the sky and explode with them still inside. Once Mario has successfully stopped the wedding, the four Broodals, now jobless, head off Mario within the carrot-shaped Rabbit Ridge Tower on the Dark Side for a final confrontation. From there, they challenge Mario to a fight against each, back-to-back, for the Multi Moon, culminating in another battle against the RoboBrood. Once RoboBrood is defeated again, it once again launches off and explodes.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ブルーダルズ
Spanish Broodals -
French Broodals -
Dutch Broodals -
German Broodals -
Italian Broodals -
Russian Брудли
Korean 브리들
Chinese 布鲁达尔茲 (Simplified)
布妮達茲 (Traditional)


  • The Broodals' connection with the Moon seems to be based off of the mythological moon rabbit, a creature based off of the Moon's markings vaguely resembling a rabbit with a mortar and pestle.
  • The Broodals share many similarities with the Koopalings, such as wearing spiked cuffs and using an airship with their boss' figurehead for travel.
  • The name "Broodal" seems to be a combination of "brood," which can refer to either a family of young animals or to dwell unhappily on something (with their dark eyelids resembling those of stereotypical Goth Subculture, who are often portrayed in a brooding manner), "bridal," referring to their job as wedding planners, and perhaps "brutal."
  • The Broodals sometimes make sounds similar to those made by Star Bunnies.
  • When the Broodals go into their hats, they resemble flying saucers. Given their lunar origin, this is probably intentional, especially due to the presence of Yoofoes and Torkdrift, which are flying saucers themselves.
  • In any of their dialogue, the name section for all four of them says simply "Broodal" as opposed to their real names, only distinguishable by a small picture of the rabbit's face next to said title.
  • The fact that the Broodals use their hats as weapons during their boss battles could be a possible reference to a common magic trick performed by magicians involving pulling a rabbit out of a hat.


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