8-bit pipe

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Not to be confused with 8-Bit Pipe Frame.
8-Bit Pipe
E3 2017 screenshot of 8-bit Mario in the Tostarena Ruins of the Sand Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey.
An 8-bit pipe in the Tostarena Ruins
First appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)
Effect Warps Mario to a 2D Super Mario Bros.-style section of a kingdom

8-bit pipes[1] are objects that appear in Super Mario Odyssey. They are special versions of Warp Pipes that warp Mario to a 2D section of a kingdom styled after Super Mario Bros. Their appearance outside these 2D areas is more blocky and "pixelated," resembling a 3D version of the Super Mario Bros. graphic, while their appearance in the 2D section is taken straight from Super Mario Bros., albeit using modern colors instead of classic colors. 8-bit pipes appear in every kingdom aside from the Cap Kingdom and Dark Side.



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