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This article is about the ship Mario pilots in Super Mario Odyssey. For the game itself, see Super Mario Odyssey.
SMO Art - Odyssey Ship.png
First Appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)

The Odyssey is Mario's airship and main method of transport in the game Super Mario Odyssey. It resembles a short red top hat with golden propellers that protrude from the bottom of the ship when starting up on the outside and on the inside it has a white and gold color scheme with three windows, some chairs and a table, a pair of shelves at the back, a small hat-shaped wardrobe and a mirror. The exterior is also decorated with a globe, a Checkpoint Flag and a tall red flag at the back. The door that leads to the Odyssey requires Mario to throw Cappy at it to open; the player can also enter the interior using the exhaust pipe like a Warp Pipe, or by Ground Pounding the panel on top of the ship. Throwing Cappy on the globe allows Mario to select another kingdom to travel to. While flying between kingdoms, Cappy will provide an overview for one of Mario's skills.

During the events of the game, Mario and Cappy use the Odyssey to fly across the various kingdoms throughout the game to chase down Bowser and stop him from forcibly marrying Princess Peach. Mario and Cappy recover the Odyssey from the Cascade Kingdom, where they find a broken-down airship that originated from the Cap Kingdom which they restore using Power Moons. This ship also requires Power Moons and Multi Moons to work, as they act as a source of fuel for the Odyssey, similar to how the Comet Observatory and the Starship Mario used Power Stars as fuel in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2, respectively. In each kingdom Mario must collect a certain number of Power Moons to upgrade the Odyssey, expanding its sail and allowing him and Cappy to reach the next kingdom. Eventually the sail expands enough to close in on itself, turning the Odyssey's sail into a balloon and therefore granting it the ability to fly to the Moon Kingdom. The height of the sail/balloon is determined by Mario's overall Moon total across all Kingdoms. Should the player collect 880 Power Moons, the sail turns gold.

Mario can also decorate both the inside and the outside of the his Odyssey with stickers and statues purchased from local Crazy Cap shops in each kingdom. These stickers and statues are based upon the kingdom in which they were purchased; for example, a sticker of Mayor Pauline from the Metro Kingdom, or a mini statue of the Inverted Pyramid from the Sand Kingdom. The Odyssey's wardrobe can be used to change Mario's outfit at any time.

Mario recovers any health lost when inside the Odyssey.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese オデッセイ号
Odyssey Ship
French Odyssée Odyssey
Dutch Odyssee Odyssey
German Odyssee Odyssey
Russian Одиссея[1]


  • For every kingdom Mario collects all the Power Moons and Multi-Moons from and brings to the Odyssey (including those from Moon Rocks), a small circular light appears on a cardinal point beneath the Odyssey's globe in the same color as that kingdom's Power Moons (excluding those from Dark Side and Darker Side, whose lights are positioned inside the circle of lights).
  • It is revealed by Cappy that the Odyssey is an older model of the airships used in Bonneton.
  • When Mario jumps on the globe of the Odyssey, a music-box version of either Jump Up, Super Star! or the game's main theme will play, depending on the kingdom the ship is currently at.


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