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SSBU Crownerang.jpg
SSBU Crownerang Prima.jpg

Crownerang is King K. Rool's side special move in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. King K. Rool throws his crown as a projectile, having boomerang-esque properties (hence its name), hitting opponents when flying away from K. Rool, and going back to him. King K. Rool's crown can be picked up by other players, and used as a throwing item, provided that King K. Rool fails to catch it; thus, King K. Rool cannot use his side special again, until he regains his crown. Villager and Isabelle can also pocket King K. Rool's crown, and throw it back for extra damage. When King K. Rool picks up his crown, he has a short animation of him putting it back on his head, but the animation can be avoided if King K. Rool is performing another action, such as shielding or rolling. It is a reference to his attack in Donkey Kong Country that exposes his head.

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