New Donk City Hall (stage)

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New Donk City Hall

New Donk City Hall is a new stage set to appear in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It is based off of the location New Donk City (set in the Metro Kingdom) from Super Mario Odyssey.

Players first fight in front of the tower's entrance, where the drummer of the Super Mario Players appears in the background. A single platform also stands in the middle of the stage. Similar to other dynamic stages such as Skyloft, after a warning indicated by an on-screen arrow pointing up, a platform appears and carries players to different levels of the tower. Pauline and the remaining Super Mario Players also appear on small platforms and can be interacted with by moving past them. After interacting with all of them, they then appear at the bottom of the tower and perform while the battle goes on.[1] New Donkers may also appear on the ground level, while the Odyssey and occasionally Captain Toad can be seen in the sky and on the roof, respectively.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ニュードンク市庁舎
Nyū Donku Shichōsha
New Donk City Hall
Spanish Ayuntamiento de Nueva Donk New Donk's hall
Italian Municipio di New Donk City New Donk City Town Hall
Russian Мэрия Нью-Донка
Meriya N'yu-Donka
New Donk's city hall
Chinese 紐頓市政廳 (Traditional)
Niǔ Dùn shìzhèng tīng
纽敦市政厅 (Simplified)
Niǔ Dūn shìzhèng tīng
New Donk City Hall


  • On this stage, the Odyssey is shown with 21 Power Moons in stock. However, this is not possible in Super Mario Odyssey itself, as the player would have to have at least 55 Power Moons before reaching the Metro Kingdom.


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