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This article is about the stage from Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS. For the 2011 video game, see Super Mario 3D Land.
The start of the stage
3D Land as it appears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

3D Land (earlier called Super Mario 3D Land[1]) is a stage in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The stage is heavily based on Super Mario 3D Land.

The stage is a traveling stage that starts in a grassland, much like World 1-1 of that game, next to Peach's Castle, with Donut Blocks, ? Blocks (which can contain items), Brick Blocks and Flip Panels. It then goes through a mountainous area, somewhat resembling World 8-2, however, rocks come out of designated areas of the background and tilt the platforms on the battlefield. The course also consists of a downhill grassland, much like World 4-1, except it doesn't travel downhill as much to this level. The next section of the area involves jumping on rotating blocks. The last area is a water area, which resembles many different levels from Super Mario 3D Land. The scenery of the level resembles that of World 6-1, with the Skewers from Airship levels which come up and destroy parts of the platform, spiking any players that are underneath when they come up (absent in multiplayer). Some of the platforms are Switchboards. The stage ends in a Warp Pipe that restarts the cycle.

The Final Destination version of the stage takes place on a stationary platform on the beach section of the stage. The platform does not move, and the background does not change.

The unlock match for Bowser Jr. takes place on this stage.


  • Protruding Rocks: "The mountain range partway through the stage has rocks sticking out from it. The platform tilts and pushes fighters, so watch out!"
  • ? Blocks: "? Blocks give you items! Super Leaves will appear slightly more often than usual."
  • Donut Blocks: "As tasty as they may sound, the Donut Blocks are not for eating. You can, however, jump on top of them for a bit before they collapse from your weight."
  • Note Blocks: "Note Blocks appear at the beginning of the stage. Jumping on them will send fighters flying into the sky!"
  • Blocks: "The Brick Blocks that appear in the beginning can be easily broken by hitting them once from below."
  • Shrinking and Growing Pipes: "Pipes that shrink and grow will appear throughout the stage. Time your jumps so you don't fall down!"
  • Flip Panels: "The Flip Panels at the beginning of this stage will flip, gradually creating more places for you to stand."
  • Spike Pillars: "Spike Pillars will pop out of the ocean at random. They can break lifts and deal a lot of damage to unlucky fighters."
  • Rotating Platforms: "This rotating platform may seem like a good place to fight, but it'll toss anyone who's still on it when it rotates!"
  • Lifts on Rails: "During the ocean scene, the lift will travel along rails. Look ahead to spot where lifts are going next! Find the premium fighting spot!"


Name Source Credits
Super Mario 3D Land Theme / Beach Theme Super Mario 3D Land / Super Mario Bros. Arrangement Supervisor: Jesahm
Composition: Nintendo
Arrangement: BANDAI NAMCO Studios, Inc.
Super Mario Bros. 3 Medley Super Mario Bros. 3 Arrangement Supervisor: Shota Kageyama
Composition: Nintendo
Arrangement: GAME FREAK inc.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 3Dランド
Surīdī Rando
3D Land
Spanish 3D Land -
French 3D Land -
Dutch 3D Land -
German 3D Land -
Italian 3D Land -
Russian Страна 3D
Strana 3D
3D Land
Korean 3D랜드
3D Laendeu
3D Land
Chinese 3D樂園 (Traditional)
3D乐园 (Simplified)
3D lèyuán
3D Land


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