List of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U glitches

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This is a list of glitches in the game Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.


NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, all names are conjectural.

Different taunt

During any game when the side taunt is performed, there is a chance it will do the down taunt instead. This currently only happens on the GamePad.

Drifting Pac-Man (removed in Version 1.0.1)

In a match, while playing as Pac-Man, if one pauses the match while he's charging his Side Smash, Pac-Man starts drifting in a random direction, even passing through parts of the stage. However, unpausing the match puts Pac-Man back in his position as if nothing happened. [1]

Floating Yoshi Egg

In the Mushroom Kingdom U stage, if Yoshi loses his last stock during the stage transformation he can get stuck in a floating egg. When the stage transforms again it will disappear. The details of this glitch are still unknown.[2]

Freezing quit

If the player quits the game using the Home button and chooses to return to the Wii U Menu, the text "Wii U Menu sometimes remains on screen and the Wii U Menu never appears, forcing the player to turn off the Wii U with the power button.

Yoshi Egg Inside Nabbit

A glitch of Nabbit inside Yoshi Egg.

In the Mushroom Kingdom U stage, if Yoshi loses his last stock he can get stuck inside of Nabbit. The egg will stay inside of Nabbit until he leaves the stage[3]. This glitch is still not fixed yet in the patch[4].

Bowser Jr. Teleport

This happens on the Battlefield stage. If Bowser Jr. uses his up special and gets KO'd shortly after the Junior Clown Car respawns, he will start teleporting when moving and dodging, and his moveset will be more awkward to use.[5][6]

Lucas' PK Freeze Outside of the Stage Glitch

Lucas uses PK Freeze outside of the stage.

This glitch only works on Lucas when he performs PK Freeze outside of the stage. The glitch will freeze Lucas in his PK Freeze pose. This glitch was not fixed in the patch and appears in the Nintendo 3DS version as well. [7]

Hitbox error

Sometimes there is a Hitbox error when the player is attacking another. It seems common with an example of Pikachu's up special, as the player will sometimes attack where Pikachu was about half a second ago, and Pikachu will be damaged.

Two Pac-Men doing Trampoline not getting KO'ed off screen glitch

This glitch works when two players select Pac-Man in the same team[8]. The glitch only appears if the two Pac-Men use the Trampoline special move together. it will not trigger both of the Pac-Mans to get Ko'ed off the screen, but the trick to get rid of KO two Pac-Mans performing the same glitch by using R.O.B. using the Gyro special move hit one of them in the air.[9] This glitch counted as cheating through playing on battle with someone in team battle like in Online Multiplayer and Smash Mode.

8 Players with 1 controller

This glitch works on 8 Player Smash and has Player 1 control more than one fighter at a time, from two to all eight fighters. The glitch requires 1-7 Amiibo and can be done with multiple controllers. The player should assign their controller to the first slot, then set the slot to display none. The player should desync the controller, then scan an amiibo with the gamepad. The player should sync the controller back. They will have control of the second slot. The steps can be repeated until 7 slots have amiibo and the eighth slot is occupied by the player. The player should then go to change the rules. After they exit, they will have control over multiple cursors, and can select characters from that point.[10][11]

Characters with Final Smash Transformation in Victory Screen glitch

Lucario, appearing in the Victory Screen during the glitch.

This glitch only works on Bowser, Wario, Lucario, and Little Mac. While using their Final Smash, which causes them to transform into Giga Bowser, Wario-Man, Mega Lucario, and Giga Mac, the characters will appear during the Victory Screen despite having not won. This glitch only works by having them transform right before the end of a Time Battle. The glitch requires to have the Smash Ball broken before the Announcer says "Time". [12].

Toad Counter Attack + Franklin Badge glitch

Ness activates the Toad Glitch while Peach equipped the Franklin Badge and Ness getting a 212% damage.

This glitch that works on Ness and Peach. The glitch only works if Peach has equipped the Franklin Badge and uses a counter attack with Toad on Ness with the Side Smash Attack. The glitch will cause Toad to produce more spores, which can cause Ness to be KO'd with one hit. This glitch was not fixed in the patch.[13]

Victory T-Pose Glitch (removed in Version 1.1.0)

Palutena performing the Victory T-Pose Glitch.

This glitch can only be performed if a player presses the Home Button when the battle is over. During the "Game" screen, for a split second, the Victory Pose will appear as a T-Pose. The 1.1.0 patch fixed the glitch by adding the No Home Menu Icon during the "Game" screen.[14]

"The Force" Grab Glitch

On the Town and City stage, when the player is on a moving platform and grabs another character on a different moving platform, the opponent moves away, but the player is still grabbing them. The player can still use their grab attack but they will be hitting nothing. Throwing the grabbed character, however, still works.[15]

Diddy Kong Immune Grab Glitch (removed in Version 1.1.2)

This is a glitch that only works on Diddy Kong. By holding the shield when the opponent hits Diddy Kong with the shield, pressing up multiple times, letting go of the shield button and then allowing Diddy Kong to be hit twice will make Diddy Kong immune from a grabbing attack (as well as being immune from other moves such Wario's Chomp, Kirby's & King Dedede's Inhale, and Yoshi's Tongue). The glitch will disappear if during the battle Diddy Kong is KO'ed. This glitch first appeared in the 1.1.1 patch, but was fixed in the 1.1.2 patch. [16]

Coal Black Colored PK Freeze Glitch

Ness activates the Coal Black PK Freeze glitch trapping R.O.B. inside.

This glitch can only be done with R.O.B. while Lucas or Ness uses PK Freeze. The player should hold Smash Attack Down before triggering the PK Freeze hit. The color of the ice will appear slightly different depending on the color palette of R.O.B. This glitch was found in the recent 1.1.2 patch and has not been fixed. [17][18]

Lylat Cruise Optical Illusion

Lylat Optical 1.jpg
How the ship appears normally
Lylat Optical 2.jpg
The main ship overlapping the Airwing

Due to the way the surrounding Arwing ships are placed in the background of the Lylat Cruise stage, they can appear gigantic behind the main ship if the camera is positioned correctly, resulting in an optical illusion.


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