Trophy Rush

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Trophy Rush is a Stadium minigame appearing in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Before the minigame begins, the player can choose their character. After they do so, the player is brought to a screen where they can pay for the game with the in-game currency to last a certain amount of time, with 30 seconds being the minimum time and 2.5 minutes being the maximum.

The player starts in the center of a Final Destination-like stage (which appears differently between versions). Various types of crates will fall from above once the minigame starts, with wooden ones being easier to break and stone ones being harder. The objective is to break as many crates as possible within the time the player set, using the points to fill up the bar at the top. Special gold crates will also fall, and destroying them will give the player more points than the other crates. The more crates the player breaks consecutively without dying, the more points the player will accumulate (up to 1500), called a "chain." Bombs and cannons will also drop and will explode after a short time, but they can be destroyed or pushed off the edge. If the bomb crates are pushed off the edge, they will explode immediately. If the player gets blasted off the stage, the stage will disappear, dropping all the crates, and reset. The same will happen if the crates remain above the line at the top of the screen for too long. Getting KO'd once will remove 15 seconds from the timer, 10 seconds for the second KO, and any more KOs removes five seconds. If the player remains in one spot for too long, a ball of light will come down and damage the player if it connects. The player will also lose some time if they fall off the stage.

Once the point bar is filled, an event known as "Fever" will activate and will last until the point bar gets depleted, which happens gradually over a short time. During this mode, crates containing coins, Trophies, and Equipment will drop. Breaking them will give the player the marked prize. At the end of the game, the player will see what they've collected.

The Wii U version allows players to use custom characters as well as featuring two player co-op.